Blade Safety Brochure



Diamond blades are designed to cut many materials such as porcelain, tiles, concretes, asphalt and many others materials (some even for cutting metals). They are made in many different styles designed for maximum cutting performance. Blades are made from a metal blank; the outer edge is called the matrix and this is the part which houses the diamonds. The matrix can be segmented or continuous. For cutting hard materials, the matrix is a soft alloy and for cutting soft material the matrix is a hard alloy. The matrix is wider than the blank to allow the cutting residue to pass and prevent the blade jamming.

In addition to diamond blades, diamond core bits are available. The core drills come in many sizes from 6mm to 100mm. The main body of the drill is a steel tube with a shaft to fit into the drill with a matrix of diamonds on the leading or cutting edge. These core drills are designed to be used with water and are described as humid use. The bits are used for drilling porcelain, tiles, marble or granite. A cordless drill is usually sufficient at low speed. The secret is to keep the drill bit cool, lubricated with water, and flushed out regularly. Drilling too fast will destroy the integrity of the diamond and reduce the length of the life core bit. If used correctly, and kept cool you should be able to hold the bit without it being hot after the process. The use of a dressing stone is also advised for these bits.

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