Blade Safety Brochure



What is side grinding? Side grinding is the dangerous and improper use of a disc or diamond blade which should be used for the purpose of cutting only. One of the most common safety hazards associated with accidents when using diamond blades or abrasive discs is side grinding. Side grinding is a dangerous and very common habit and is highlighted in all reputable manufacturers safety handbooks which accompany cut off saws and angle grinders at time of purchase. Most users are naïve or ignorant about their dangerous habits until it is too late due to an accident or fatality, or they have been made aware by a diligent safety supervisor or safety conscious supplier.

Why do users side grind? Due to the popularity of cut off saws, they are widely available and are therefore the go-to saw for cutting most site materials. However, they aren’t the most accurate and therefore users remove unwanted material by shaving off excess material with the side or cutting face of the blade. This habit may have been more forgiving in softer cementitiuous material with small aggregates, so when the user is tasked with cutting harder material such as granite with naturally formed clusters/veins of aggregates or precast concrete with large aggregates of quarry shot/stone, the user usually finds out the hard way by damaging the blade or injury.

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