Blade Safety Brochure



All diamond blade manufacturers are concerned that their products are used safely. Please follow the Do’s & Don’ts listed below for use of diamond saw blades. This material covers the correct use of diamond blades and is intended to prevent the hazardous operation of diamond saw blades. WET CUTTING DO’S 1. Do follow the manufacturer’s recommended blade specifications for material being cut.

7. Do follow the manufacturer’s recommended pulley sizes and operating speeds. For specific blade diameters refer to manufacturer’s operating manual.

8. Do operate saw with proper safety attire, i.e. safety glasses, safety helmet, safety shoes, hearing protection.

2. Do inspect the diamond blade for damage that may have occurred during shipment or due to previous use.

9. Do examine blade periodically for cracks in the steel center or segments, or excessive wear under the segments.

3. Do check mounting flanges for equal diameter, excess wear, or flatness. Mounting flanges must have adequate relief around the arbour. 4. Do be sure that the diamond saw blade is mounted on a correct diameter blade shaft between proper blades flanges and is securely hand-tightened with a wrench.

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