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Think PT First Why You May Need to Come In for A Check Up • Move without pain • Bend and move freely • Balance confidently and securely • Sit for long periods comfortably • Walk for long distances • Live an active and healthy lifestyle

“The time Ispent inPTat theVirginiaCenterforSpine&Sportswas a revelation. I received highly competent therapy that produced the highest possible results and was absolutely delighted with the outcome. I cannot say howmuch I value this team of caring, hard- working professionals. Absolutely the best!” -Steven C.

Take Care of Your Little Aches & Pains Before They Become Big Aches & Pains

Don’t put your healthonhold - Start thenewyear offon the right foot!

HIP ADDUCTION - SIDELYING While lying on your side, slowly raise up the bottom leg towards the ceiling. Keep your knee straight the entire time. The top leg should be bent at the knee and your foot planted on the ground supporting your body. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 5 times. Strengthens Hips Relieve Hip Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing hip pain.

If those annoying aches and pains are hindering you from pursuing your health goals, you can see one of our physical therapists without a prescription from a physician. A comprehensive evaluation including movement analysis can identify any problems and our specialists can guide you on the path to your goals.

Our friendly office staff will gladly verify your insurance benefits for you so that you can begin right away. YOU CAN START NOW - CALL TODAY! (804)249-8277

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