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A TREE ADORNED WITH MEMORIES Ornaments That Tell Our Story Like every Christmas tree, each family is different. Some people opt for well-designed and symmetrical trees like the kind you’d find in an interior design magazine. Others favor a hodgepodge tree, especially if they have young kids who are making ornaments in school. Whatever your personal preference, the best way to decorate a tree is the way that is most meaningful to your family. In our case, that means a tree full of knickknacks and mementos. My husband, James, and I love to pick up objects on our journeys that end up on our tree. These items aren’t always ornaments per se, but that’s what we use them as. For example, we brought home one of those kitschy Eiffel Tower keychains when we were in Paris. We knew it would never be used as intended because it was going to hang on our tree. We’re also fortunate enough to have ornaments that remind us of special people in our lives. One of James’ grandmothers was an avid crocheter, so hanging her handmade snowflakes has been a tradition for as long as we’ve had a tree. Another one of our most prized ornaments is a gingerbread man that James’ niece made some 20 years ago. She’s an adult now, but we’ll always have a reminder of her childhood creativity. Pretty cool, right? Because so many of our ornaments are precious to us, setting up our tree is always a trip down memory lane. Every ornament we pick up calls to mind cherished experiences and important relationships. And when we get to the Red Sox ornament — surprise, surprise that a New England girl has a Sox ornament — I can’t help but recall one of the greatest Christmas presents I ever received. If you’re familiar with baseball, you know the most iconic feature of Fenway Park is the left-field wall known as the Green Monster. About 15 years ago, the Red Sox decided to put a section of seats on top of the Monster, which immediately became the most desired place to watch a game. Getting

tickets to sit there is a multistep process that involves no shortage of diligence, persistence, and good fortune. They’re allocated on a lottery basis, meaning only a few people who apply for each game are lucky enough to have the opportunity to buy tickets. So when James got us a pair of tickets on the Green Monster, I knew he must have expended a lot of effort to make that happen. He probably spent at least a week constantly logging onto the Sox website in hopes of being selected. And the game itself was worth the effort! Recalling fond memories like this one is the best part of setting up our Christmas tree and one of the highlights of our holiday season. I hope you have some personal traditions in your house that fill you with just as much warmth.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at North County Water & Sports Therapy Center!

–Beth Scalone

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