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Thinking beyond just a playground or park bench, we’re dedicated to providing health, well-being, friendship, and fun. With customer-focused industry expertise and a collection of premium recreational products, we can help you create opportunities to cultivate health and wellness for the entire community. Inclusion Play environments that break down both physical barriers to access and social barriers to participation can unite communities in meaningful ways. Shade Protection Not only can shade be used to protect play equipment, it can also be used in other areas of your community such as seating areas, dog parks, and more. Physical Development As children play, they develop important developmental milestones while they explore climbers, panels, slides, swings, and more. Cultivating health & wellness



of landscape architects consider dog-related amenities popular elements among multi-family residential communities.*



*2018 ASLA Survey: Demand High for Residential Landscapes with Sustainability and Active Living Elements, Conducted by American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

With our customer-focused industry expertise, we help housing developments create outdoor recreational environments that encourage community wellness, physical activity, and equity, all while cultivating community. Discover how easy it is to furnish your next outdoor space by utilizing all of our product lines. Building Your outdoor community




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FACT: By adding outdoor amenities , Dasmen Residential is able to attract more families to their rental housing properties.

Dasmen Residential is a young and growing real estate investment firm based in Suffern, N.Y. They own and operate multi-family properties in major cities across the United States. Within the Charlotte, N.C. area, they had multiple apartment complexes that were in need of family-friendly outdoor amenities. “We believe in living better and living different,” Sara Jamshidi Digital Marketing Manager at Dasmen Residential said. “This means that our residents have all the amenities they need to make their entire family (pets included) happy! Our ultimate goal is ensuring our residents love where they live.” Many of their properties had old and outdated playgrounds that needed upgrading. Dasmen Residential began working with our SRP Certified Partner, Henoch Geweritz of SR Play, in 2018. So far they have completed a dozen playground and dog park projects. “After viewing photos of their previous work, we were excited to work with a company who creates such beautiful, safer, and unique playgrounds,” Jamshidi said. Specifically, they wanted their playgrounds to provide a “wow” element within their properties. They’ve chosen a combination of steel playgrounds, swing sets, independent play items, and dog parks to accommodate both families and their pets.

These playgrounds and dog parks have helped to add a sense of community at each apartment complex.

“These playgrounds help foster a sense of community and provide another wonderful amenity for our residents to use,” Jamshidi said.

Geweritz was able to provide Dasmen Residential with a smooth process for each project.

“While working with the team at SR Play, we found their attention to detail and level of customer service more than stellar. Overall, they made the whole process a wonderful experience,” Jamshidi said.

The goal for the playgrounds is to attract more families to their communities.

“The end result of working with SR Play is a stunning playground we can showcase on our websites and social media. Also, we hope these playgrounds will attract the family-friendly tenants we are seeking,” Jamshidi said.




FACT: By adding a new play environment , the Association of Poinciana Villages is able to cultivate community and attract families.

The Association of Poinciana Villages (APV) is a residential community in Kissimmee, Fla. This community is made up of approximately 27,000 homeowners. Thanks to funding from Osceola County and grants, Vance Harmon Park was completely renovated in two phases from 2017 to 2018. The second phase included the addition of two playgrounds. While Vance Harmon Park is located within the APV community, it is free and open to the public. With many people expected to use the park, they were in need of a complete play environment with separate play areas for children of different ages that provided families with places to play, relax, and live. APV chose to work with our SRP Certified Partner, Korkat. The renovations to Vance Harmon Park included two separate play areas for children ages 2-5 and 5-12 years old. “Having separate play areas is really important,” LifeStyles Director Cynthia Cardona said. “We’ve seen a lot of residents that are very thankful for that because it makes it easier for children to play with others at the same age.” APV took advantage of Superior’s complete offering of recreational products and purchased two playground structures, freestanding play pieces, picnic pavilions, and poured-in-place surfacing. The new playgrounds at Vance Harmon Park provide the community with spaces where they can play, relax, and live. “It’s not just a park. It’s a place where we can grow and live,

so that’s why it’s so important to have the right people in place like the company that represents us here,” General Manager Mark Maldonado said.

One of the key benefits of the new playgrounds is that it helps attract families to their community.

“As a property manager, we want to bring value to their homes. So part of that is providing places where they can enjoy time outdoors with their family. It’s essential to have a playground like this to attract families and bring value to the community,” Maldonado said.

What’s more, this new park has changed the atmosphere of APV.

“Now with the reconstruction of this park it’s been a completely different atmosphere. It has served as a place to bring the community together in a place close to home,” Cardona said.




FACT: By adding a dog park , the Venue Big Creek apartment community was able to create a welcoming environment to residents and their dogs.

The Venue Big Creek is a luxury apartment community located in Alpharetta, Ga. They believe pets are family, too, which is why they don’t have size restrictions on dogs.

Located at the center of the community, this dog park is easily accessible to all residents. The fenced-in area provides dogs the freedom and comfort to run around and explore unleashed.

To offer residents and their four-legged companions a place to play, they partnered with our SRP Certified Partner KorKat to create a dog park with Superior dog play equipment.

This dog park features five different agility components: the Dog Log, Over and Under, Limbone Anyone, Home Sweet Home, and Through the Target.

Dogs were born for activity, so many behavior problems are caused by a lack of physical and mental activity. Our dog park products provide opportunities to exercise their minds and bodies by catering to dogs of all abilities and confidence levels. What’s more, the posts and decks used in our products are made from recycled post-consumer plastic products such as milk jugs. This reliable lumber is vandal-resistant, won’t deteriorate from the sun, and is warranted from rotting for 15 years. This community chose to incorporate a dog park package, which are designed to keep dogs active and healthy while being cost effective. Purchasing a group of products saves money and selection time, entertains and challenges dogs with a variety of pieces, and caters to dogs of all abilities and confidence levels.

With frequent use of these products, it’s important they last. One of the great benefits of our recycled dog park components is that they’re able to easily be cleaned and are durable.

To complete this space, they chose to add matching benches and trash receptacles. They customized our Classic Wingline benches and trash receptacles with the community name for brand recognition. This allows them to highlight their brand and leave a visual impression on their guests.

Additionally, they added a Waste Station equipped with a 2-in-1 dispenser, rolled bags, mounting post, and sign. It’s a great way to help keep the dog park clean and enjoyable to all residents.






FACT: By adding multiple shades, Seabrook Island is able to turn their number one complaint into their number one compliment .

dimensions in order to accommodate the curved design of the existing pathway. In the spring of 2016, the second phase consisted of implementing shade to their pool-side grill. One section included three custom Triangle Sails to shade a seating area and the entrance to the pool. Two Arched Cantilevers provide shade to pool-side loungers, so sunbathers can enjoy the pool area while staying protected from the sun. The most recent shade project tackled shading the outdoor patio of the Pelican’s Nest restaurant. Two Hypar Sails and four Triangle Sails create this custom shade solution that allow diners to stay cool while they enjoy the ocean views. The new shade structures have had a positive impact on Seabrook Island resort. “The impact has been tremendous. A ton of member feedback, and a ton of guest feedback that’s been nothing but positive,” said Elledge. “We’ve taken our number one complaint from a few years ago and we’ve made it our number one compliment. It’s unique, it’s attractive, and incredibly functional, and it does it’s job very well.”

Seabrook Island is a private oceanfront residential community located a few miles from historic Charleston, S.C. This community consists of residential homes, golf courses, and beach club. “One of the top complaints we heard from our members was the lack of shade in our pool area and our beach area,” Caleb Elledge, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Seabrook said. “People are much more conscious of the negative effects of the sun, but they still want to enjoy the outdoors at the same time.” Seabrook Island was in search of shade that could cover a large, expansive area that was also aesthetically pleasing. It was important to the customer to choose durable and great- looking shade structures.

“Our beach club is the crown jewel of our entire operation. We couldn’t just put up any kind of shade system that was going to be a blemish,” Elledge said.

Seabrook is looking forward to working with Superior in the future.

To date, Seabrook has implemented three phases of shade solutions throughout the community. In the spring of 2015, the initial shade project consisted of a covered walkway by the ocean called The Ribbon. Seabrook decided to start with this area as the initial project because it’s the primary ocean front beach location where they keep all of their beach chairs. It is an expansive area between 200 to 230 feet of space that needed to be covered. The shade solution consisted of eight Hyperbolic Sail Shades in varying

“We couldn’t be happier with the product and anyone that would like to come and check out the shades for themselves, we’d love to have them. Very, very happy with how this project has turned out and I’m looking forward to continuing this partnership,” said Elledge.



What Your Peers Are Saying About Superior Recreational Products

The end result is a stunning playground we can showcase. We hope these playgrounds will attract the family-friendly tenants we are seeking. Sara Jamshidi DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER DASMEN RESIDENTIAL

As a property manager, we want to bring value to their homes. It’s essential to have a playground like this to attract families and bring value to the community. Mark Maldonado PROPERTY MANAGER ASSOCIATION OF POINCIANA VILLAGES

We’ve taken our number one complaint and made it our number one compliment. I’m very, very happy with how it turned out and I’m looking forward to continuing this partnership.

With the reconstruction of this park it’s been a completely different atmosphere. It has served as a place to bring the community together in a place close to home. Cynthia Cardona LIFESTYLES DIRECTOR ASSOCIATION OF POINCIANA VILLAGES




Frequently Asked questions We’re here to help! We’ve compiled a few of our commonly asked questions. If you need additional assistance, let us know.

Why choose Superior? For nearly three decades, Superior has been cultivating communities, enriching lives, and allowing people to focus on what matters most. With our extensive collection of steel and recycled play lines, we are committed to enriching the community at parks like yours. Superior has a critical role in engaging social and emotional development as well as physical benefits. We give children an opportunity to let their imaginations soar on the playground. Together, we can create spaces where friendships are made and memories are created. It’s time to come play. relax. live. We reimagine how children play You want choices. We’ve got them, along with the design expertise to take your ideas and make them real. Whether you want long-lasting steel, recycled materials that stand up to harsh salt air, an elaborate theme, or something entirely different, let’s combine your imagination with our expertise and together we can reimagine the way children play. We use quality materials At Superior, we only use quality playground materials — whether you’re purchasing a musical instrument or a full structure. Proudly manufactured in the USA, our products are built to last and provide fun for years to come. Safety is our top priority Our commitment to safety is reflected in each phase of our planning process — from our materials to our strategic 6-foot obstruction-free zones. All of our products meet or exceed standards set forth by the respectable organizations in our industry such as IPEMA and the U.S. Access Board. Our unwavering dedication to inclusion The benefits of bringing your community together with an inclusive playground are immeasurable. Inclusive play environments provide unique opportunities for children of all ages and abilities to engage in their right to play. Outdoor play environments that break down both physical barries to access and social barriers to participation can unite communities in meaningful ways. We create complete recreational environments With our customer-focused industry expertise, we help parks create complete outdoor recreational environments to help promote physical and mental health, well-being, friendship, and fun. Discover how easy it is to furnish your playground by utilizing all of our product lines.


Purchasing Contracts Superior makes it easy to buy by having purchasing contracts with organizations like BuyBoard, HGACBuy, and GSA Advantage just to name a few. See all of our purchasing programs.

How much does a playground cost? While every playground project is different, each of our steel playground clients can expect certain costs while planning for your new playground. • 7% to 15% Freight • 22% to 40% Installation


Who should be involved? The more involved, the more fun! Be sure to include important stakeholders within your community.


• 20% to 50% Product • 20% to 90% Surfacing

What are some ways to secure funds? Partnerships For Play Planning a successful crowdfunding campaign for a new park playground can be difficult and time-consuming. We’ve made it easy with our Partnerships For Play crowdfunding program, which is designed in four phases over eight weeks. The program works with you and your SRP Certified Partner to plan and execute a successful campaign. Start raising money! Grant Guide We’ve compiled an over 100-page guide of nation- and state-specific grants to help fund your park playground. Each grant resource includes the name of the grant, the organization funding the grant, the award amount, deadlines, and more. Check it out!


How long will it take? While it depends on many factors, an average project can take 12 weeks. Your SRP Certified Partner will work with you to ensure your playground meets your needs and budget. Quick Ship Playgrounds If you’re looking to add a new playground to your park quickly, check out the play structures available in our quick ship program. These hand-selected structures are ready to ship within five business days! Models are available for children ages 2-5, 2-12, and 5-12 and are available in our most popular color schemes. Let us know if you want to learn more!




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