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October 2019

Back and neck pain are two of the most common issues that American adults experience, putting a huge physical and economic burden on working Americans by being both two of the leading needs for medical intervention and two of the most common causes people have to miss work. While these may feel like two separate issues, it is somewhat common that neck pain and back pain are actually related. Core strength can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellness, and when your core is weak, it could add up to weakness in your neck and back. (Continued inside)

Getting to the CORE of Back and Neck Pain

Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

October 2019


• Getting to the Core of Back and Neck Pain • Core Strength and Back Pain • 3 Tips To Improve Nutrition In The Fall • Quick & Easy Healthy Recipe • Relieve Pain In Minutes CALL IN! Call for your FREE PAIN ANALYSIS Call us today to schedule your first step out of pain! (345) 943-8700

Back and Neck Pain (Continued from outside) GETTING TO THE CORE OF

Neck Pain 101 There are a lot of reasons why neck pain may develop, including everything from sudden incidents like a car accident or a slip-and-fall injury, to more chronic issues, such as regularly hunching over a desk at work or even practicing poor posture. One of the biggest problems with neck pain is that it often triggers headaches, as the pain is so closely connected to the spine and nervous system. What is more, addressing neck pain is sometimes difficult as there is so much potential to cause more damage to the neck. This is why working with a physiotherapist to address neck pain is wise. A physiotherapist can help treat neck pain by improving range of motion, using targeted massage techniques, and by improving strength as needed. For example, in many situations, neck pain can be treated by improving core strength. Back Pain 101 Severe back pain impacts more than half of the population, and many of those with pain in the back

as a result of injury end up dealing with that pain long term. One of the biggest problems with back pain is that once it develops, it is difficult to work around it, and many people begin modifying their movements as a result, causing their back to compensate for the injury by putting pressure on other muscles that eventually just leads to more back pain. For this reason, back pain can frequently become a Catch-22 — avoiding the things that hurt your back could actually lead you to develop more pain in the future. Working with a physiotherapist is the best way to cut your back pain issues in half. Physiotherapy can address back pain by helping to improve your range of motion, strengthen the muscles in your back and surrounding areas, and by using targeted massage to reduce tension. In many situations, working with a physiotherapist to improve core strength can significantly reduce the severity of your back pain.


Sometimes, when your core is weak, it can cause you to experience added pressure on areas like your neck and back. There are a lot of ways that working with a physiotherapist can help you improve your core strength. You may be encouraged to practice core exercises, for example, which may include abdominal crunches or leg lifts. Light weight-training activities are also frequently helpful, as are balance-based activities like yoga. If you haven’t spent much time building core strength in the past, then working with a physiotherapist is a great place to start. Your physiotherapist will guide you through proper postures and movements to reduce further risk of injury. For more information about how to start improving your core, contact us at (345) 943-8700.

Refer A Friend Care enough to share how physiotherapy helped you? Who do you know that could benefit from therapy? Send them our way! They will thank you, and so will we. You may be surprised how frequently issues with the neck and back actually stem from issues with core strength. Your core refers to the muscles that make up your torso, including your abdomen. These muscles are called the core because they are at the center of your body, and they are necessary in just about every action that you engage in. Everything from walking and running and swimming to sitting and driving require you to engage your core. There are a lot of reasons to improve core strength outside of any existing neck or back pain. When you improve your core, you are likely to also improve your posture and thereby reduce your risk of developing further back pain in the future. Furthermore, the exercise that helps to improve core strength is often helpful in promoting weight loss, and for those who are overweight, this could also help reduce pain in the neck and the back.

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FORWARD BEND - LONG SITTING Sit with your legs out straight and your back tall. Bend forward at your waist, keeping good posture with your lower back to feel a stretch in the back of your thighs.

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QUICK & EASY HEALTHY RECIPE Avocado Smoothie with Apple-Cucumber-Ginger-Lime

3 Tips To Improve Nutrition In The Fall 1. Harvest Your Herbs. Herbs tend to have higher levels of antioxidants and other phytonutrients than other types of vegetables. So even though we tend to eat them in relatively small quantities, herbs can add a lot of nutrition to foods. 2. Serve Up Some Soup. Getting into the habit of making a big pot of soup every weekend is a great way to improve your nutrition all week long. If you’re using a pressure cooker or slow cooker, they also need very little supervision while they are cooking. 3. Add Probiotics to Your Daily Intake. Probiotic foods help to promote the growth of helpful bacteria in your gut. Good gut bacteria can aid in digestion, nutrient absorption, and help you maintain a healthy weight.


• 1 avocado, pitted and diced • 1 large apple (any variety), cored and quartered • 1 small cucumber • Juice of 1 organic lime • 1-inch cube of ginger, peeled

and minced OR 1 organic teaspoon ginger powder

• 1 cup coconut water OR nut/ hemp seed milk of your choice • Optional: a handful of ice cubes; raw honey to taste

DIRECTIONS Wash ingredients thoroughlyandasneeded.Peelavocadoandcucumber. Squeeze juice out of fresh lime. Place all ingredients into a high-speed blender. Blend thoroughly until smooth. Drink immediately. Enjoy! You can also boost the nutrient content of this smoothie by adding freshly ground flax seeds or green veggies. We highly suggest always using fresh and organic ingredients. Adapted from:

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1. Keep a Good Posture. When you are standing, imagine a string through the topofyourhead liftingyoustraight up. This puts your neck, shoulders, spine and hips in natural alignment. While sitting, make sure you sit back in the chair with your feet on the floor and your lower back supported. Yourshouldersshouldnotslouchwhensitting. Avoid soft couches when you can. 2. Lift Properly. Picking things up is a normal part of our day. Even if you pick up something light, your back muscles have to lift the weight of your upper torso and control that movement. Make sure you always face what you need to pick up, squat keeping your spine straight and push with your leg muscles. This helps reduce the excessive pressure on your spine.

3. Stay Flexible. Flexibility is key to maintaining a healthy back. By keeping your body flexible, the normal forces of movement and lifting can be distributed across the spine, rather than focused onto a few segments, which can then fail. An easy stretching routine every day can keep you feeling great and put a spring in your step. 4. Stay Strong. You have hundreds of muscles, which control the movement of your spine. Major muscles that support the spine are called your core and include your abdominal, pelvis, spinal and hip muscles. By keeping your core muscles strong, you support your spine and have the ability to easily control lifting, quick movements, bending and a lot more.

5. Physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists are medical experts in evaluating spine and body movement. By having regular check-ups, you can make sure your body is in good condition to tackle the activities you love. If you have a history of back pain, injury or are currently experiencing aches and pains, we can analyze your problem and construct a treatment program that will work best for your individual problem. With soothing hands-on therapy and targeted easy exercises, we can help you return quickly to feeling your best. Even if you suffer from severe pain, we can help you get out of pain and living the life you deserve.

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