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MAY 2020

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I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones well. Things have certainly been scary thanks to the recent public health crisis, and at the time of this writing, it’s difficult to know where the world will be once this publication reaches you. But I’ve always been one to look on the bright side, so I want to focus on the good news that’s come out of all this: more family time. Thanks to social distancing, I’m sure we’re all getting plenty of at-home time, which means playing board games for our family. We’ve always been big on this activity ever since Zack was little. And while the games we play have changed over the years, our enjoyment has only grown. In the old days, the kids would have us play The Ladybug Game. It was pretty simple on the surface: Roll the dice and move across the board. But somehow actually playing it out took forever. Emilie and I would get to the point where we started losing on purpose! The kids still had fun though. In fact, Zack was inspired. For a while he became an aspiring game designer, drawing up his own boards, making cards, and everything! I remember the first time we sat down to play one of these homemade games, the first person to roll landed on a space that just said “You win!” — so we had to play a few more times. I wasn’t complaining; it was far faster than that ladybug game! Even today, Zack has remained a fan of these analog games. He and Emilie will often play cards, and he and I will break out the chess board every once and a while. I’m far from being a Garry Kasparov, but I’m ahead in the win count right now. Like I said, always look on the bright side. Nathan is much more into the PlayStation than more traditional board games. It’s not like he lives on the PLAYING FOR HOPE Silver Linings Amid a Crisis

device — it’s just more his speed. Sometimes I’ll pick up a controller and play NHL Hockey with him, but I insist on a handicap. I get to play the all-stars while Nathan has to pick one of the lower ranked teams. He’s still usually able to skate circles around me, but we have fun. When the whole family is able to sit down and play together, our go-to game right now is Scattergories. If you’ve never played, you essentially have to name unique objects within a given category. It can be a fun challenge, though I often get accused of cheating. Honestly, this has become the highlight of the game, as the kids laugh and Emilie furiously Googles whatever wild word I’ve submitted. I won’t confirm or deny that I make up a few words here and there, but regardless, Emilie wins every game anyway. She’s got an amazing memory for this sort of stuff. So that’s how our family has been finding ways to laugh and have some fun while keeping our social distance. It’s times like this that remind you what’s really important in life. Once, these were just fun and games, but in the light of the crisis, these gatherings have been a vital spark of joy.

Here’s to family,

–Mike Ulmer | 1

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