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3 High-Tech Solutions for Long‑Distance Couples

For Long-Distance Couples 3 VALENTINE’S GADGETS

The Hey Bracelets (FeelHey.com) These paired bracelets look like fitness bands, but they can do a lot more than count your steps! When you activate your bracelet, it will communicate with the band on your partner’s wrist through the HEY app and give it a gentle squeeze to let them know you’re thinking about them. The bracelets come in classic black or sleek white, are totally weatherproof, and can go for three days between charges. Pillow Talk Wristbands (LittleRiot.com/pillow-talk) This package includes wristbands with heart rate sensors, small speakers, and various cables — for you and your partner! When you sleep, simply wear your wristband and slide your speaker under

your pillow. From there, the Pillow Talk app will broadcast your heartbeat to your partner’s speaker in real time! It’s the next best thing to sleeping next to each other.

Friendship Lamps (FriendshipLamps.com)

If you’re in a long-distance relationship or friendship, you probably think you’ve tried everything to stay in touch. Texting? Check. FaceTime? Check. Old-fashioned phone calls? Double check! But have you tried high-tech gadgets that can bring you closer without words? This Valentine’s Day, consider treating your romantic partner, or platonic friend, to one of these three handy devices. While these items may be on the pricier side during most of the year, keep an eye out for any holiday sales!

Like the Hey Bracelets and Pillow Talk Wristbands, these lamps come in pairs. One goes to you and one to your partner. Tap your lamp, and your partner’s lamp will glow to let them know they’re on your mind. You can even send different colors that communicate different messages. (For example, maybe you agree that pink means “wish you were here.”) You can also sync more than two lamps to connect with additional people you love.


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