Voltea CapDI for Treatment of Borehole Wat…

expenditures, Zutari recommended the use of CapDI to purify the on-site borehole water at the manufacturing facility. “At Zutari, we believe that the best social and environmental performance need to be underpinned by strong financial performance. True sustainability requires the three to be integrally linked. Our solutions always consider the impact on the environment and communities, but we also consciously deliver outcomes that help clients stay and thrive in business. It is for this reason that our engineered solution employs the use of novel technology to achieve water treatment performance on par with conventional means while reducing expenditure over the full lifecycle of the asset.” VOLTEA’S CAPACITIVE DEIONIZATION Voltea’s CapDI is a salt-free desalination technology that removes TDS from water sources with minimal pre-treatment requirements. It eliminates dissolved salts and other minerals via DC current, or electro-deionization, where oppositely charged salt ions are attracted to electrodes, leaving pure water flowing out of the cells in a two-step process of purification and regeneration. A major difference between CapDI and conventional water treatment technologies like RO is its “tunability” feature. This means customers can choose the level of dissolved salts that are removed, as well as enjoy automatic adjustments to the ion removal rate for any fluctuations in feed water quality. Not all applications require the same removal rate, which eliminates any remineralization or blending needed from using traditional desalination and softening technologies.

The sustainable and environmentally responsible features of CapDI are that there are never any soft salts or chemicals added to the system to replace the hard salts that were removed. This prevents non-native, harmful salts and chemicals from being discharged into the local ecosystem, thwarting off the potential of polluting the local water supply for future generations. Traditional water softeners, where hard salts are replaced by soft salts, have been banned in some municipalities, especially those struck by drought who have made environmental concerns a priority.

Figure 1: Voltea’s Industrial Series 48 (IS-48) CapDI System

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