The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 26

September 1936- May 1937

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Elizabeth Haey and Eleanor I.are - - '- ,,.- - -- - ..I... ------- -,


d"'n lin the old form -ta irr,iuped around the dnk. The untral panel, Mater'' and t,e �)' to •Ins \t at the •· All FTffhmen muet •t In the dellnlt.t. and immedlat.t. purpoat,1 of c.t eurt.aand do,..toldttttl tlm•. St.tte.. A llcun wn.rln,r academic Iii. All Freshmen muat 1t11t.t.r U.. robM and utffldln,r a diploma, I, In aide or rear doon of the Ma1ft build. Tbtt m11ral i , . m.:ile IIP of . tllree upriuhe of Colle,re and the atet.a. ""let," when addr-..ed bJ'Upper- r:;�:· ffl�I' 1 1:..:i:r:1hl!:��lC: tu� en :'!!::·:=.::r;;�:: !:=a�.a�:i r ... ::=. m lll t t,., with ch1l"COIII on, rock for Mr child, lnatrumtt1t, of ed'\leatlon 1ymbollua The Annual Tua-of- War will teke � t...l'he.,.rlsht panel, b&l.ane- ,nd on�thu,ld,and aro11nd hf.r an th, Fruhmen win, th,,- Dll.J' dllan:l left, df'!llcta the earl,- one- I ll'flll'Q typltjlnar the d�J>1,rtmf'Dte of fl'rosh C.PI at the end of the -it; roo ntler achoo] contalnln,r • hlsh Hom,Eool!Omlcs,lnd1111.rialAJ'U,and If the,- fall, fll" 1111111 t,., ..,... 111111] Season with Hll'Vestffop :.�:t�·�1 t ��·n°:ui. Th • 11.,..t d•net ot UI ;:; l!l t::: 1::!.': l ::t t �= t ;f • � y �;:!�� :��=:i �f�;�;2� Hop." Ao:on:lln,r to• tradition, thl• l"> e

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A ,hort e world 111 newt of the duth of Albert Edward Housman, pOet. phl!o1opher,1nd!)rofn. or.He 11lpped t . of tif� 11 quietly as . h e dwelled !iff, the Shropohire dalnand wood- n Thepo,,m•he wrot e w e re puh- !i1htd i n two •m•ll vtolumn. "A Shro' !) lhlr e Lad" (1896), a n otic e in th e n e wapapc,r• of th o" l• do.

:;:..::��:11ki:!:��e�� e arc •ports abou t Ao far u w e have thloCollege ohou!d .,rov e happlc. in Jur.e of 1940 pre1 e fer! oure we will leave theColle� with the heavlcat of h e art.I. Stiit­ here a n d w e like It. ��'!.ir;l�,:-Z ::.; oticed lif e i n to ' b e t he . Whil e nla ilaelf, we the mattar,tool n t four yeano·f our Hf e


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Makes Freshmen Look Like Sophomores And ,Makes Upper Classmen Look l,ike Gods! Offe..cioJOul}Uur,io Uttiverrit11Mm.

VOL. XXVI ConventionOct.12-13 DeanM���:! . ��u At LakePlacid f The Auociat�f Teachers Col· leire an, WULlam Frank, Elmu Martin;Wilbur Morgen­ feld, Edwt.r

N011CK Studmte are urpdtoohM:rve that pn,v'ision of loan !late for eoe!a1 afl'ain m111t be eeeured a week In

_ •-� - � _ , _ � _ . _ � _ •Dan �- � - w _ o� �-.l � � ���� � �-

Mn'• GittClab to Hold Tr7ouh The Nen't cilee Club •Ill eond°'t

To the newcomers, Miu Houaton &Moonea a women'a1portasehedule for t h e com!n1r year. Tennie, ping po,r,and a h ulfleboar

Pal Phi Hold9 !11ltlal MHth1 s


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S oe lal act!Yltiu for the ._n alao 1 ; h• � ' •' lnoludetonmamtntl ln pln, pon1r1nd billlarda. Ptaident Edwud �k announced Ito followin s appolntmen�: Don Clark and LarryCampbell,..ilton of th,'mltrNe*S Sheet; Jerry Kn.11•, ehelrmen of the Oamq Com• mltlff; H1told Finn and Hane, Fox, chairmenofHQ!! � frt.l" Co ; mltt.ff. StudenUI A.i.N °'*'"• Ralee Two ruln i/ave l>Hn introduced ta he!p preNrv,tbe pl-nt app.ranN .,.d orderlratm01phenof t h ,Social


-:::�::�;:::�� }D laU rt�J�:fv��1n�:Eo: t :! :! sh �.0: 0 ��0: r �!.8i': 1 :.u� ';.,� The pll\S�IU bt open buraau f•tu.... attractive ,tudent throua h 1111t th1da7 and tbl p&ddill ra�,.•lili:b atudenl.l mayobtain bi will betum!Jl,ed. PlaJ'en. muat, T."�!: t � n7 lnatructor In t h , M111le �k'In er th � r\ J! J:.'la, w h ic h are ,\'ail.

/ .


I Mr. Snyder, alias "Verbal

LITERARY COl;UMN Attention! WhatDo Yoa Thlak AboutCbancut A v a lu a ble prize will be irlnn by theLiteral)'Column to the 11udent who writes the beat ea..y, either!or or a 11ain1t llterary ..,bjecta to be prop0oed e a ch wttk during the!o\lowlng five weeka. A 1tudent may ""1te u mRny compo1itlona a 1 he Your C<>ntribiitlona 1hould be sent to theLiter a ryColumn, in care Of Th ;h�t.:::k�.°'�;,htect. ii: "Should ,tudente be required 1a - 1tudy ' Chaucer' �uring their coll Liler a lurocla""""t� Here Is Your chance. Get to .,orl

THE RECORD PubUahed by theStudenb of U,eState Te a l'ri;.i:,i::.t;=�=:i:.:....... TUB STAFF =:..�:�2==:-:.:.===--=-i.!'�::' 1 /::!"!

chersCollqe at BufTalo

Newspaper," toSpeakTuesday o.. Tuesd a y, Octobu 6, Fredu!ck H. Snydu,the well known ''Pl a tform Publlaher," will present a n a ddrua ln Auembly entitled "K�p!ne Ahud or the Hudllna." Mr. Snydu It diatlngul.!;hed n the o�n a tor of the " verb a l ncwapaper." He elveo e a ch opeec:h In the m a nner of a ne.,1paper, with he a dUnH, editori a ls, humorou1 column-. .rid a dvertisement.,,, Hi• !1 expe< :ted to be very intereatln1 In it. ori!l'lnal a tment, a nd enllSl'htenlng becauu of It. cosmopoliUln •cope. Thunday of the week there wl!l be a n 0l'l•ni:uitlon Proen,m in which the Art Krdt Klub,theDram a tic•Club, the Me21'1Camp,uClub, the Non-Re.ldent A"od a tion, the Rur a l Club, The Record, The Elm1, end the fraternal org a nlutlon1 a nd the 1orolties wlll pre1ent the v a rioua 1ttrac:1lon1 •nd opportunities !or enjoyment whkh each oll'en to proapeettv, Freshman members. Thl• l• a good opportunity for th Freshmen to obtain . a crou 1ertion view of the v a riou1 u:tr a -eurrieu! a ::���iu .rid their reapeetive entice- I Co,OptoContinur lJookClnh TheCo-Op 11 continul"I' ill po!iey of operating the BookClub. Thi1 11 to en a ble 1tudenU1 with limited budgeUl to putthHe1-kl on the in11.t1llment p!1n. Followingue thengulationawhlch ; ;�� : govern the membenhlp In this I. Any 1\udent ..nrolled in the re1ul a r aeaelon o! our College m a y bec;omo a member. Z. A1mall depo11lt l1�ulred. 8. � atl&dvit m a y Ulke the1-k ofter fl Ing the d1po1il and mu1t p,,y for l ln futl by or beforoone month a fter th a t d a te. 4. P a ymenb of a ny a mount may be made d a lly or wHkly. 5. The1-lt rem a lna the property of theCo-Op untlt pald for In full. 6• .- a nuroto mttt a\l obll1•tlo1111 wlll re1ult ln the Re1ri1tr a r wllhholdlng the 1tudent'1 gradu. The College Co-Op I, oll'erlng a llbenl dlKOunt onCoron a . RemLn1- ton, Royal, a nd Undel'Wood poruihle typewrit?n. Student, may punbue theae on a convenient tlm1 p1ymenl pl•n. Stat1Reor_.tec111Who·,who Dr. 1!1rry W. Rockwell and Dr. ::::i.!; :r o ��I 1::!:��. a ,:� Uvely,of Stet,TeachenColle•• hn• been ll1ted In the new "Who', Who I n Amtrlca" for 1986-81. Dr. Worth J. Olbum. • former member of SUlte•a faculty end well kn.own iluthorlty on mea 1 urement. In education, wu a lao lncluded ln theU1t. ThoH lncluded from the Local Board of Stat. TeachenColle11 al'I Ed.,a:rd II. Butltr, chairman; Jud11 Danlel J. Kenefick, a nd A. Gl.nn Dartholomew.,

DITHER B7Mo111<&Po11k Dear Monk and Punk: In an.1wer to your request of tut Frid a y, I encloae an uncopyrl1hted definition of "Dither" whkh you may 111e wilhout my conaenL "Dither" I.I; a aUlte you're In whkh, but you wonldn't be if you could be ln aome olher ,i.te,whleh you'tanot. IO )'OU &re.� Or doesn't it m a ke a f At a Bingo pme thli 1ummerAnnounen: Anybody else rot ftn In a row! Bob Cunningham: Yeah. Mn. Dionne. ... C,.1111•, U1&btid1ed Hero (1936 model)-Any young man who marries a nd a greee to 1up. POrt the goHmment a nd a ... ire on one Income. Utopiln-One who 1till optimilltlc­ a l 1 7 bellevea th a tWaUStreet,5-cenl �r, the okl-fuhloned eirl, a ndXae Weat'1 eunilinearflirure will makoa bil'comeb a ck. • Love a tflrat ai,rht-A m:yoplc condition.eaused by th a t all'lictlonltno..., .. a roving ey� Rib-The hone of contention which the flrat man eaeh a nged for an etem a l 1libl. Cynio-A Hntlmeni..lillt with a ha..,.o...,r from love. and a clndtr ln hill ey1. Ameri,:an HuahMd (1Ulndardhed tJPfl)-A rur--Wriq animal with a rolf complu,and a IITff.l hlc' check book for a Mart. Economy (Fem.)-" Cuttins IX• pffllffto thabone,"ln order topla huaband. Eumpl1: B11yinl' two dreuea atSl8.9&in.teadof one dre.a 11$36.00. Economy (Muc.)-Th• nobi. 1- tu.. I man makea by ..ving ci&'at aloracoupo1111and-hari.,. hilold ha.t reblocked when hedec:ideotohuy a


bit of di1ferenceT • • ,.-E.&well.

... =��.::.. -·· ;;;� OUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED With the opening of the dramatic' season this fall, Buffalo play-goers find a long-anticipated promise or a JX:rmanent playhouse for Miss Reeler's Studio Theatre. Since its birth in Provmeetown the little theatre has been welcomed with warmth and alacrity in most of the cities in which it has made its appearance. In such cities as San Francisco,Cleveland, 1md Los Angeles, the little theatre building has become almost aa popular as the profes- s!onal pl!),yhouaes. Buffalo alone, with the characterlstl.c conserva- 1 !��{1 � a permanent playhouse in the Univeraalist chllrch building atHoyt �= t K':fe:-8:::���/;'; n ��·tral� t�:e 0 :h��Td a � n ,1�tdf�ct1f: experienced by the 175 eampaignera in raising the sum required. The Interest or State students In the progreH or the Studio Theatre should be heighUlncd by the fact that for many yearS Miss Keeler was a valued member of our faculty and produced many �����tJ!� i !��!: i :�:�i �����a:��:! �t�fi� 0 f!:,��; theatre group. Upperclassmen will remember Mr. Hodgin and Dr. Peterson for their profesaional performances in "Th� Wild Duck"twosea.sons ago. It is stimulating to know that it is in our Power to supplement . the promise of a playhouse with a reality. ARE YOU GUILTY? Attention, note-wriUlrs! Have you '!ver gi\'en thought to the 1 tremendous inconvenience caused by the\t8C of infiniUlsimally-sized Where there are so �:� i ���e:sro�t��e :a��[� g j�riii,� t r�� tri! r �s:::6,\ 11 t

. . . R1111ember UM·�'hn7-.., Strateme,-er dll't lat. :r-T .....,. a..lltill�........ - SnyderN°i' l8 . a a 4 '-� We mltltlonedw9ddinc�W Wftk,IIDd tl, more that 1"&11&'lllit-· Della =���:: do.,..ticranb. in. tbe.�per abuat R07Orm,. dorl 'SS and HowardRabmlo9'Iii i., connection with a -.nuriace t..-. Roy wu dobocuceDen:I wort bi. - of,lheLona;lllandld>oola,U..liallt we heard. a a 1 - �year'1edlt.Nof tbe� coh.1nui.llaryLo




Tri•SloDtma, Toal,,lll-9 P. M. Colkr/e'G11m

\.sfBiWtlNtlr f ·:·:11' ,.: - D .. y.; ·- -� I s't. ,ry Ray Porter, Varsity wing,wuAll• ·ma- h at Roc he ster andWest e rn N e w � -;...;=a�� �t K��.�:�t:J:t't��S& --- � 1¥ Bmckport team,is now e nroll e d u a - Senior at suii-Benny Ro.enthal, Rochester's Monroe High n111ity wing,bon theSi.te.oece-.aquadNlck Nucchi,'a goalie,!tvery w e lL.'known to many read e

,;J, · : : : . ; :; ; ;:;. i lli'i · :�tti - ; ·.{�{ th e m e n of th e Coltiike,iitobe•Mld in th e Caf e t e ria onOcto be r6,at5:80 P. M. Sp e ak e ra nprd e ntine th e ,·ariou, political parlle. wltl M pree e nted at t h e . tmm e d i et,,ly fol• lowi n g th e •J>Caken th e r e will be a ,hart m ee ting for th e purpo,,eof decldln

followed d11ring th

Vor.. XXVI forTomorrow's Game-BooteDbiudeSyraeuse ·-,.°"""' 17 Tomorrow alt,,moo n Jim P e rona will pilotSta te 'a 1<>« e r t e am 1pinst Colpte um.. e ralty'a h ig h ly rated boot e ra. Th e R e d Raid e ra e ked out al-Ovlctory over t he Orang e and Black \ut yea r ,butCo1chCoy e r be,. Uevea that � the Co!pt e outllt !& about to blt e t he du.t"at tb e hllnda of ·�� Th e toeeer c rew thia y e ar l1 a muc h •tnmger aggTeptiotithan eve r betor e in th e h !&tory of th e Coll e ge wit h 111nral n e w proml&ln,: f•ffldoUini; th e l i n e up. Un d oubtedly tbeCottland pm e was a very e l!'fftlw e Prim e r for th e equad. StateMHtaS1r a cue Next we e k,Saturday,October 17, Stat e h.. anoth e r foe t o battl e . Thie tim e it wilt be the pow e rfulSyraniae U n lnrai t y team. T he llrat year that S�played Syracuoe, l he y w e n1 badly beaten b y a 11-2-..,. Lui y•r, how e v e r,th e y ndu c ed the ICONI to5-2. Attnrdlnsto thla, the tearm lhollld. be ncy c kls,ely matc h ed in tbe comlns en counter. a�..{���...�z�� H,Miller,Plat e k,Finn., Porter,Fenlello, Becket, H•g e rty, Latorm.ra, Wallb, Effll,I.,. Ebennan, Edmundo, M u rp h y, Schott,Flierl,Clark,Cot.. �h, 8 c'!C:i;°'c-,�!��ill� e �:::; Klnpton. n.. bw, •Ill l e a,., forColpte It 4 Dr. P•ik Vi1lts ClulH atSUie Dr.W. E. Pell<, !'NI� t h e Sc:bool of Ed""' t lon ol t heUnfrerai t y olMlnaoi., apentMortdliy and Tu...iay at th•Coll e s•. Thl1 well. k nown .due11. tor vl1lted MYeral clauee and held f!On!1re11ce1 •itb tha h aadt of thl apec-ial departments. Conaid a ra b l a tlm1 wa11p1nt Yi11tinr t MSc:hool o f J>nnic. and School 38 a• well u 11111111 of t h l?U.Nll9Cbooll wbtNI a t u• d1ntllar1 pt1ellce t eaehlq. Dr. Ptlk wu ..-nt11 1ppolnted to t h a atall'of thl Res- n t11 IDC1 u l17wlpch l&ln....,liptin.-tlMn.ati1r1 a nd� ol .clo c ation lo N e w YorkSt.a t L Thia ata11'5-1t u dyinsall phaaffofod11catk>ntrom 1lt111 e ntary to colle&"ll e "11.J. Thi STOUP atad)'llll' t.char educa t ion la ..i«i b y Dr. Chari•H. J u dd,of t bau.i..nlty of ChJcaro,who waa ha,. twk. Jut YNt, A1 a n11ult of tbeM lnv• t iptlou, an int!t'h t on t•cher educatioa I.lid Ill -,Or probla1111 wi11 be ootllnld. 0...-tlcCblloTr,-ll.....,._Y Tryoat11 tor _beftld, i. CM Dn- -tlcCla b wlll IN llald todaT •t fow �ci::;!'.:t��n:-�":= Mllledom tt.m a )Ila,-, Two {Ir - pNpll iu,W'Ddt t:,pdilr·lt ....... �

"' of this column and his friend& { Amelia) &re p!,,nnin.Ka"hot n �ption for him thia coming Saturday-Mr. Bradley, Art Department bud, hu a aon who playedapinuSuter.tCortland year and will probabl7m11ke the b'ip toBulfalo'this year-JimBurke, a doli-earrl e r,awungt.h e bato n !or theSout.hParkHighSchool b &nd and wo u ld like to do t he aam e for t he Colle.II'• hind-Bob Hickey, Vanity "" " t�r lut year,ia .een more around th e C.mpua now than h e was whil e attending Colteg-P•ul Fru1k haa l e f t Coll�foraahortwhil e , t h e reby leaYingt.he cro....:ount,-y run open toa ne w champion.,Sophomore, UI the faV1lrit e . lnt e r-elasa toettr will be gln soon. Th e �b wen, beat.enlut year only after a banlfig h t and it i1 hope,lthat th11 yeat'11'ro1 h "'1ll giv e a credibl e 11>owi n g, 6 ,; 6 - Don't forget th e wccer &'&m e at e th!& w e ek-ffld!I! . . . Thi• d e partm en t would lik e to ate an lnter•f r atemlly Crc>AI-COUntl'y n;,n in addition to t he n,gu!ar cn,ueo11nt.ry run. Tbiawo u ld alaoMr\'IU apra c tf ce fo r t h oMintuated i n c h ataa:,t he n,,f e l!owa! TmnlaEllthnslnt-Notlu The wom e n'• t e nnUI tournam e nt matc he s are now postedat t he north e ntranc e to th e Gym. Imm e e -nltl of makh wlll aid la compl e ting tbla contat in echeclPl e d tlm e .Arranv e m e ntlfor th e mak he s to be playpl on t he Dunlop c ourla muat be mad e throughMiu Ho u 1ton'1 offic e . . . . l:l e mben, of t he t e nnle inJtructlon poup mu1t wur a play eult of tom e kind. H nlmmln&'and t.ennUI ho u ..., conftiet,arrang e m e ntl to c hanr e th e tenn!& h our1ho11ld b e inad e . . . . N e w equipm e nt for two tahl e a of 'ta b l ,!' tennlt,purchu e d with b lanket tax mon e y, bu been ln1tal!ed In Room 104. Jt bi,lonp to th e ttud e ntll, but II any equipm e nt 4l,oappeara t he remal n dff of t he fa c llltl e a will be tak e n ln. J?o e to t he faet tbat n e lrhborhood vandala bav e rrounded t he are he ry equipme n t and o e t flra to It,th e n1 will only be lndoor arc he 1 7at a later date. . . . ' An o�n1wlmmln&'ho u r for aw:lmmera o!any abU!ty la now t c boduled at two o' c lock 110Monday. in.truetloii In Senior Ll! e Sav!ng wlli be an.Ua b l e to t h oae deelrlng It. The eompl1te 1whomi111'9C h edul e1 1po1t.ed at northmtran c etoth a Gym, . - · ---

Elmwood Flower Shop Beautiful Corsages PriuJ Reci.aonabu 976E!JlwoodAn: , Ruthie's Coffee Shoppe Lunchts and Dinfters Fi{ H,�',��,U,fted Q\lickService )�..�nm;::= !:::t Nye Park Market B.F.Welll MostComplete FoodShoppe OAIII• WeetSid·e ElmwoodAvenueatAmhertl . Rl 00 1 2 .

StudentaAgaln Reeel1'eFedtt a ' -Ne•Sched u l e of 111111111Announud m� i • :::i: th b.� 11 !..�ct��1f:i:�r:� t hat wlll en•hl e 1t11 d ents t o r ece iv,, th e N, Y. A. •ld. Und e r 1 h11 ..:: t need y 1tud e nts r e eeiv e n al e11i1ta n ce to co n ti n ue t heir c ge studi e a. I n ret u m for th!& ,each 1t!Kent works in c oll e g e for p1rtl<'lllar l n struetor. Th e method of work i nr out t he ho11ra dil!'era from that of laot yur. When a work e r la u n1bl e to mak e ho u ra i n any mon t h ho 11 paid for t h e ho u ..., h e hH work e d, li e I& th e n allow e d to mak e up th e d e ftci e nt n u mb er ol ho u ra t h e n ut month and i • pa i d a«onlingly. This wlll ,:ontin ue for a p e riod of thr ee mont h 11. From the n on t heree11 n he no carry- i111' ov e r lrom on e � r iod t o ano t h e deadli ne lAid I c i oll e som e al d c �n":.": r m�:1; . � 1 wti;'r� be

ne<:tllaty fina



diate poatlnJ of th

r. �'"'sh- SophaTur to Ora• lc\ory,took plac e ay behi n d th e College Gym. !or I An ldn.l t u 1-o-war,wi t h botht e J':1�..:: i r!�t i?.,':,l'. i��: f :a::�:: Notl r kers will b e boaromo r • h e ld t ha hoaa 11ntU th e j RHIHd R ea dlnr U.IJI � t ;e 0 �einan w.. a b le to t u m t h a ��::! 0 i!ilEJ�r: 1 :::m.. lu.i::. k 1:! ::.t�� c �: 1 �ho c o :0� 11 � t h !!� ;!:." Tra1 .ct y -Fl u nkln&' :�!!t':':t: P �:i��=�!� a F l'lll h STA:.;:;;EB8 Th e HowlingMob-B..ket b all fflnl. m!� e Beglnnera of Wl&dom-Freah- , R.!.�� l �I for • bis c hanv• In Thi � ---CO - LLEG _ B _� u t hat com= e poat e m all N. Y.A. cla i d on the b ulletln d ming v am1

Wadn e two a ;,, d �t '.=====;:::=�

DlrectwyT• Be Rffoly 0d. 11 Wlth atod,ntag;nn a n opportw,ity tomaltathtlrcoft'Ktlona.tbol� 111.. balnrflllOYed fronttlM� Center andNlnu-d to the printer to put tiu. ,-r'IICtitioa ot n.ha Ka,pa'1 (fon11arlyTri-Kappa) Dltld9'7 in t oflnal f-. Th a booklat,C0111&ullor tbltall-pl.acbllllld•t.� addnu.tall!)bon a ....ber,lllllllbo.a town, will ba pla-.d 1111 Ah...._,., October It.


'I'HE RECORD Knock Knocks ofFre•hFro•h Fumiah


Advlce · on JrnitionSystHIGinn Motorllt.lhylndo1trlal Arta Dept. The IJnltlooSy1t e m By the iani t ion 1y1tem le meant thoae compon e nt& whoae tynehronh:ed actlon prodocu an electrkal apark to lgnitethe comb111tible mixture in the cylindera.The 1park plupare the greateat offenders against economy. Carbonized ,park plup canoe herd 1tarti11g,elugglsh performanc e ,miuing and exce&1iV<1 fuel con•umption. ItL1 1n excellent pl1n to ha,:e the 1park plupdeaned and th e proper pp betw e e11 the electrode& eet every two or three thouund mllH,and repl1ced with a new 1e t 0!1park plug1 after con1ide1"11ble eer'tlce. G11 0 line v1p0rlietvery poorly in aN>ld engine 1nd therefore a hnt and intenee 1park 1 t the 1perk plupi1 an 111urance of rapid 1tartin&'. lgnl t lon c&blet allO may cau•e i,oor Konomy If they sre d et erlorated and llable tn elec t rical Iuka.The cablea are ,ubject to heat, oil,N>rona,1nd 1bre1ion,and 1hould be replaced when they ha� urved their purp0u.To complete the l ii: n i tion chttkup, the breaker point& 1hould behu1pected fnr goodeontac t , l properpp,freedom from pit 1 1nd propt'r 1ynchroniution. yn�r y e o n u g1::ei;nfl::1J t .;'����. !';y"�� prt>Cedure; DiMng•ll'e the dutch,pull t he choke bu t ton111l the w1y out,and with the Ignition 1witch off Jlep on the etartlnll' 1wltch for a fewHN>nd1. Thi, wlll ftll the cylinden with • rich mbture. Now p111h the choke button 11! thew1y ln,turn the lanLtlon1wltch on and 1tep on t he ,tarting twitch. Th e enrln e ohnuld •tart immedia t ely. :: ��� e ;:·::%':�·.h,g�- graphy i n1trvctor, who rttelved hu m&1ter'1 dell're e In 1112& fromClark Unlv e rai t y,Wor,:eater,M....,..,quired her Ph.D. e t that unlv e raltybr.stJune. Her t hesl,,which took three ye•f11 ln t he writlng,w&a on"TheGeogr&1>hical Fac t nn, In the Buildln&' of Bull'alo Harbor." 1'o h&1"'n rttelvinr her degr e e,Mn. Whittemore took leave of 1b1ence fromState twice,oni,e for 1 yur and once tor I Hmflter. Sh e h&1 tau&"ht in many p,orta ot the world,beginnin&' vrith Aluka,then In J1pan, the Phlllpplnea,•nd VlriOIII 1,.rtt ot A1l1 indEurope. Slle hopn toltudy further and lntend• to tak e couraea ln hlatory 1nd 1-iated fteld1,ln whlch 1he m•Jorad at coll e ce, ChanreMade In Library Bttsuae ofthe lncreae e of the book col!ectlon ln the Llbn.ry the,oo·,, 500', and 600'• hav e b e en moved to the 1t&cb.Th,Uteful Am,andSd­ e nce boob•re Included Ln t he,,e numhen and Qlay be 1ec-ured by maklng ou t a re11ened book1lip, It IiImportant t ha t the call number be added to thl1 1Up. Two popular n e w booke h... , been sdded to the Coller, Llbn117, MGon e with the Wlnd,"byMarr,,..tMi t chell,which la & 1tory of th1Clvll Wu and Re«>n.1tnictlon period In th, South; MJn1ldeEurope,"byJohnGun-· ther•. Mr, Gunther la renowned for hl1 knnwleda• of fo�l&'tl aff1lr1 ind al•e1 111 hi, lna[aht Into European poU t l1:11thro11rb thla book. Watdi f• TM Record 811rprlHl!I

THE RECORD . Pu.blilbed by theSt1 1denta oftheStateTuchenCollege atBuffalo Prtoi.dlnU..8,.te"-< .....�Prlot- 111-l>Or �tU..,._....., Colloslats ,... THESTAf'F•

LITERARY COLUMN Thl1 wc e k' 1conte1t wlll concernone of the greate1t ofEngU1h po e t&,WUllam Word1worth.. The 1ubject is: What do you coruilder the mnotnlu• abl e contribu t ion of William Word1>worth to world literature. Pleue de. fend your poai t lon adequat e ly, Place sll sn•wera ln The RK<>rd Bo:r in csre of t h e Literary eolumn. Lut week'• eonteat 1ubjec:t -on "Chaucer'' drew forth many interest.. ing polntaof vle� We t e afew l i nea from two of the articlea. Anti- Chaucer The etudy ofChaucer wa1 on e of the m,ln r e alOrui that litera t ure wu a dull,unlntere.tina coun e to me. A few nights ,p e nt in 1ttemptlng t o undentandMiddleEnrH1h we.. p,..c. tlca!ly 111fflclcn t to discourage my interest In l!ter1t11n1. l beli1ve th1tMr. Chaucer hu hl1 plai,e in World Uterature,but let tluot place be other th1n ln a compul10ry literaturecourae. Thcontribution, ofGeoff'reyCluoucer toEnglish li t eratur e ar e .a many that he 1hould certainly be induded in·every i.:onere liter&ture courae,To begin with,hi• cio.e &&10Clatinn with the court life ofEn&'land ll&l made i t poHih!e for us to know much about him a11d al>out the influencu of hit age. lie la really t he urliutEngLi•h authorsbou t whom we deflnltely know a great dee(. For uample,we •now much more about the life ofChaucer thln l1 aollable ln«>nnectlon wlth th e .1.rea t Sh•ke&pean whoae workt are � t udled by nearly all college 1111• dent&. Clnqualrui to 1 )tan ll e i1 Dead. W i lld whlaper- Jtipple th e patient pool That thru1ta hla fnU mouth up to the Surf,ce. My life Io the rlpe rua t Chry..nthemum,and rnu Are th e &'l'ffn tree over i t & harttn J'etal1. -BettyBarber. Co,11u111e ltoomlt<'1L'ut11loruiAn11 0 11nCfeverylalondayand Thur1d•y fron112 un t il 1. Studen1&1«11•ed to klndly obHrva th•fo!lowlng rea,,latlon., I.CoatumH may be borrowed by 1tude11t& forColl e r,acll•itleionly. 2. AU AQIIHt& for coatum• mu1t be madt In the co1tume room It leut 24 houn. befor., the 1 t udent dull'ft the coatume1,ind m...t be returnMI to thl1 room within U houn after t.hey have b e en uted. 3."All waahable materlala are to be l1und�before th e y1re,..turned. 4.Student11n nqu•t.!nnt to11• MW!GooaHn•bout co.tume.; but to lfO dlrectly to thtco.tume room for Information. Itll&lbee�bat ln from ten to twel.,. years our suoltn1 •up,- Cl!nd; 1 �r � ::.t"::.1, !':ii �°:.,1t 1tltuted. ''To be 1�your,14,lf lndlav-nubl1.�-wm. Lyon Pbtlpa.

DITHER ByMonk&Pnnk Vanity"yea " men 1n1 ellalble to en t tr • Knu Knltlina Koune apon.ored by Knellle Knot& of the GeneralNuia&ncedeJ)flrlment.ThisKnew Xla.u • will m ee t a t Wt$kmomenta In theSocialCen t ers. There th e mtm· ben will draw up their chal"' In a circle and to the m111ic of kllcklng 11Hdlu will 1pin brillian t ly eolored (?)yum. at �:t�';!��� a :e: !.":! :�i:: then wu peaN> end quiet. Before men csme toStat e ,Sta"' didn't loee any b&tketball pmu. Before men came to State ther e wu plenty of room tn walk eroulld in the corrldnra. Before men Hine t oSta te it wu a NormalScbool,now lt l1 a aub-norm1l .chool. Du e to the above rtalOn& the old malde club al State i. plannlna to pu t cr1nide in the H20 fountain, to ll'!t rid of Ille men and a few of th e !rlvotou1 wome� • I' Are Jou a dental cripple? • Do you h&ve 1hooting paiM in your back durina Auembly periode. Do you find it hardgoin&"to 1leepCurin&' ynur lit­ e r1lure ela.u! Do you find i t hard 1ta)·lna when out on• date! Tty Dr.Fbit'1 courae In mental gymnutlct. Reault& guarn.nteed. The r e ad e rsset th• J>lper, Our editor lffl t he fame The prlntenset the money But the 1tall' 1;:• �h.e p blame. 01Sy-SltJ.,... Aftin- e r!.• ce111l"nan -lt ra t tl e .befon it 1�rik:'\ Ace of lndl.cretlon -That dancero111 .....on nf lM!lanSummer when a man't arterie& begin to harden - and hb hn.rt and held btgin to .often. .. • • p Amerlcsnbm -Tryin&- to 1pend To:'! ,:�":�. � lu:ruriet tluon the The la t eot definition of a mln;.ter i..,,,.wbotalbin.omeo11eel11'a •l " p. II a p • lle maybeth e appl•ofllllmo t htr'1 :�e� ' but he ' • not u e n1ppulln¥ to .. ' J11telaJeh! Jan,Sha&Hr, the"Med Ruulan," ny1 bllnam,i. notJ1n•,b11t laJohn. Well,Jehn can't beJ1ne, andJ1116 ltn'tJohn.M1J&ne mu1tb.John lf Joh.nclal.... halln'tJ&n., "Let'1n111 0...,r a few thlnp,"u.ld the automobile �M�ni�tor to hla pupil. Mr. RouHt In Chemlatry ClsM: �Whit.. HNO!f" �Hfflor" �cert: "W•ll-sh,er-It-. on the tip of mt tona,.11." Mr. Roeu e r, "Well, 1plt It out; It', nltrk acid,� 111 • P Womtn ran kffp a nc,NI Jun 11 well u m•n but ..,.,rally It tatH more of thtm to do IL ..... .. " Som•have th,-.....oltlteh-cot1• vktk:>111, whLI, Otbel'II merely hlyt peace and quiet.

Fmk11. Fun to Finioh FeanomeFrolk

&&Teed that the "SopholDO .....-'t really ao b..i." rr-- Com•- .. Buhaa Fraddle tbeFn.� Rneben,; aec onn.,.. to tbe dlndory. la ,Imply onrtlowtns 'fritb complimeatl for Frahmen Week. He � that th e nila"notblng like it,"thst tt il tbe"essence of tbe fM]inp of tbe Sophomoree for their &illS'II and brotbera." Fffddle wu the 1-.t little boy who •ported 1114-iaeb-wlde bow tie and a ni""'Froal:, cria all the week. "Phooey to all thia," ..,. A..,. Cotter.She ill the independent� vrith the Glbton Girl b&in!Na w11b cau•ed theSopho111ore& l &T'flt deal of trouhle.Shedeclded tobet t ubbor:o all

1-1tFrlday'1F..,.bCot1rt,ittwhkh Fruhmen wen tried for tb e ir lackof f1cetiou1ne11 and in.ability to enter into the apirit of the week,wu en­ livened by the appearance o1Cheater Oleniac,111!-Jl:_yled"GreekAmhuaador," whn entertained the usemb. wlth a tale of hla restaurant,apttializing In "atrumberry,blumberry,and apple ple."Preceeding thill"ereatile mimic wu the pf'tffntati<>n of a 1prill&' danee byFree.hme11 Poole and Fireiton e , ban,foot and bluehing. BlolldeMarthaVauah11 con t ribu t ed a solo dance. TwoFrooh men unwillingly reenacted Romeo and Jnli e t, thereby ca111itt&' to turn oftr ln hb aran. In order that oneFruhmen,1weep. Ina theGym floor witb a toothbraab, 1bould no t -fttl lonely,the judire-detailed 1 gir! t o meuure the"foul line " with a makh. "Freddie t heFreabman" RubeM and hla "da"'" from the tailed to U•e - tlp to txpttt&llo111 in their reen&ctment nf their t rip ho111e. A cry of contempt of court ron afttr a acathiJl&'"KnockXnocli:"had bffn hurled into t he very tttth of the jur"J, but &'Ill quickly Httled. All the poor Fro11h had said wu: "Knock Knotk"! Th e aullibleSophomore jury inquiredu to tbe identify of the lmockee, to receln tbe reply"Dumbbell." MDumbbell who?" AM:"Any oldSophomore&." Jerry Tepu or,:heatra pt&y e d for dandna, imm'fdilltely followlna the N>Urt. Freshmen u a whole, drinkln&"orana,,pop and munchlngN>Okieo,

·-· it.cnl'bDU,. M• i:!:tt:i.


Jl:l8t asli111PMatElleabars� wbwe RnthleIUemeais......_lbacll bu c� to teecb tapducm&' u4 from all ...porta'IHtunRt:- • W'&'lthat otber�tMU. ...... not�t.i.{ Be�t;: ! citt.r� anothvlleldtnBomeEcono--..Slle illoola alM ill takiq uteuion coa..- at Con.._;,,. towuda a a.A.desrw-Sbe P" u, _,, aboll.t two nlW "pallies," and u,mFUL Th e y're �; .._ill RanMmrille and Hornell,respecfr,,l;y. ... AmherstCentral Schoolmlpt ....n be ca.lied MAIWll!l..i Hall" ElialleU; ltoot,'35,Abraham Qau,her,... ud Beebe Hiller,'84, anoall� there. ••• Stete'•atlldenta-tolibtoldd: toc'e'ther..,.11..n.r� vt Kllebell udThelmaBv.blliard.'II. an, �ata,de.N" Yort. •• & We11tell yootllilblt of-beud,lfyccaall will,,,...,Mt9 Nab tbeB-SlnieeBu...,_tM h-oqDobc.. eo. a.....v---.-. !. 11demoutn.tor fw tllil--....


The antagonists and prot.agonlste Or the plan to ·widen Elmwood Avenue are again preparing for confllcL There are two main ls.sues upon which the arguments are based. Should the street be widened and the beautiful trees be destroyed or should busses be substituted for the present street car system! The latter solution would Insure the safety or the trees and would also Indirectly benefit th e ' College. As the present street car system ls slow and Inadequate,all the students who use this Conn of transportation would be benefltted by a-bus line,which wouJd give better service. Then too: the removal of the unsightly track In fronl of the College would Improve the appearance of the Campus and relieve traffic conge s tionatthe d riveway. If the students will remember that preHure brought to bear In the right places WIil bring about a aatls(actory conclusion to the matter we can hope for the best. MATERIAL INTEREST NEEDED Although faculty members and student& or Buffalo St.ate Teachenhave been actl.vely engaged In aiding Miss Jane Keeler In hereffortto establish a home for her Studio School,the follow• Ing Jetter Issued by President Harry W.Rockwell, lauding Miss Keeler,should spur her workers on to greater efforts to succeed In thelrendeaVor: ToFaculty andS t ud e nla: ...,: At teachera and pro,p e c t lv e tuchera we 1hould wekome t h e prlvil e ii:e of endoraing and of trying to promo"' proll!l•lng educ&tloft'al enlerprlH1 In the , Ci t y ofBull'alo. For many yearaBull'alo lu,1 bffn known a1 1 d t y whkh e n"'rtalned an a t titud,of comparative indlll'u e nce toward th e 1Jll' ken drama. �h h �·s:::�� e ��� 0 :t:::· :�:a!::.��:r� k!��.� e � i a ; i :�!!t% . enthu1la1m h e re for t h e 1poken a11d e11de..,o� t o lnlllntaln L t a11n lmport&n t bn.11ch of our educatlon ln thetleld of art. Tblt great movement hu r e volved around t h e pel'90nali t y,int.el!laence,and ambition of one perao,,!l,MiuJane Keeler,who,for many ynn,wa1 In1 t ructor In Dramatica at the oldStat& NormalSchool. Su«euful u her effort& luoVlrllh e ly modest 111m of IJS0,000,a church onWaye t t e A•enue which can be tranaform e d \nto a 111it & ble theatre. Manycith: e 111vrlll want to do thelr blt ln m1lntalnlng the Integrity of an orpnlutlon vrhlch haa already enjoyed t h e nco,rnltlon of theStateBoard of R e gent&. J hope that e n,College may al..., material nid e nce of ltt lnterut In th1 1 1 movement,not only bec&uae It 11 lmport&nt that thi1 branch nf ed11catlon have our eo,op e .-.tlon and 1upport, but lt thou\d al10be o11r plea1ure to th111 render• propertrlbut.e to• woman who bu 1hown 111ch admlrable courage ln her end e &'l'Onl and who hs1 In the put placed our own dnime t ic l11tereala on a blah 1tandard which h&1 ever �ebeen mslntalned. ll • Very 1lnc e n1ly yours, HARRY W. ROCKWELL.


Th•Co-Op altoofl'en the New"():r. fordBookof�lithVtrae�aad tbe "Comple t e Orlord ShakNPMrt" la a special tale. lln1.Fo11tana requ•tathatllm.l.u,. �mmbl for tlte retan,, of. tut boob to publilhflalboGldbemade befo.,.nutFriday.

Tnora Needed for Me.'• Glee ci.b Plano propoMd for thla year'• pro­ ..,.."' ot tb•Men', Gl e eClub point to on• nf the....,.t e nJoyable11,11d 1ucceu!ul HUOII.I yet enjoyed. hi a 1tatement 1-l>ed by Dinctor Pnry Brown,Hftral Auembly prosram.1 tuturlnaW1!1l-tnownco!l ... alMclub repeloiru. a Ill&!•q1111Ulte, ud a dlnnu,are &monstheluc:llllsbta. Tw,nty...b: l!llll<anded tltellnt ...-i.,..otthe club beldll.onday,but there!. 111:arcity ofllm&Nora. All fint tenon ,bould repon to tH- 111¥ nut Thursday la Rooa 10& at 4:00 p.111.



When it Comes to Smart Clothilig State Men Come pi KLEINHANS College Shop






Reinhlrt'sSoconyServi.. 1''ores �i�! Tiwood NoW is theTime Haveyourear lubricated, oil drainedand flushed, transmiuionand dif­ ferential chaopd over for Wintel'



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Stat.e T_eachen C,ollege at Buffalo


"I t hank Thee t hat I Jenrn Not oil t o s pu rn; Wit h a\ lbeneat h t .heau n lt make.smeone.


For t ears, whereby I gain Kinshipwit hhu manpain; i�v�;�etPr�::� de by the dusty ways,




Style Headquarters for State Men

St;at.e Teacheni College at Buffalo

State Opens · BasketballSeaND Against Toronto To-Morrow






Porto Rican CorrespondentDisquieted Reading Article Dubbing Him "Glwst"

DITHER B:yMonk&Punk

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.... � �· " T , HE RE . CORD .

H Hold Sports Night\"Ha)• Faith America"Says � Commg AssemblySpeaker

A11mni Return As Swim Meet. Bukttball Game, Dtnner,Are t(J' ea tnred For Homecoming




Driving Proves Difficult To Backseat Driver

Mr. Frank Speaight Again Delights State Audience





State Teachers College at Buffalo

' l VOL. XXVI : Ontariol'!onnced J � mming, Basketball Team Band Visitors a Doable LDss-ResemsWin

Reist Shines in aLosingCave As Niagara Wins Over State

State'sSocialiies Prom­ enade io Paris Styles



THE . - RE C09 Stat.e Teachera College at Buffalo

1937Euna Staff AppoinhMilta Announced


Friday, J'anUU'J'S.1987


rn >IEMaa,AM

an in.

parai1�\��� n fh� f s�'Ve!hfr!c:i�:e� m a tu���r:!��� d a�!���. � ace res ��e:j e r� a valued friend, and a U&eful citizen. His ripe seholanhip and iJllltinctive qualities of a great teacher made his clasaroom the scene of rich intellectual experiencea for his studenta. who were ��;:n�d b ��edJ;�:1o��JMe: m ;ii:rtfU,�i with such effectiveness that young men eagerly sought his counsel and rejoiced in his leaderahip. Later as Chairman of the Assembly Speakers Com· mittee he labored unsparingly to maintain standarda which promised to enhance the good taste and the finer appreciation o{ the student body.

\j Fmhllll!n-Pfichols UI Prtlimina)J

FraternitiesSpouor Daocint,Cheering




State. Teachers College at Buffalo

Friday, Januaey° 15, 1937




Tokars and Peck Organu;e Aluminums.t......... Assaairuuhun Chaptur in Porto Reeko Anu,,,I ForSIMia

DITHER ByMonk&l'ltnk



Sta� TeachersCollege at Buffalo

Friday, Ju'W'J29, 1987

, \

.................... • u...... =�.:�-:-'"":!:. .. .,.. :-.:.@;-,.....c.a., : "1'11.,� = •••--- ••••••••-

1 I



T H E R E c o R D · e10GRAPH1CAL souacE sET Psi Phi Initiates Monday Published by the Student. or the State Teacher. C ollege at Buft'alo Complete Voloml!II Now Anllabla -Installs New Officers ::: !:� �:: r:i,=�� ffer t

F �:: u �:: ::� T �fc�:;.:. After the formal lnltiatlon of �:;�::����!r.:::�; re , Biogn.p�y," a •et of twenty9voJ- four men, Sam Puleo, Edward How dare you writhe in tormffl ume. "''!h a total n�mber of 13,- S!kor•ki, Bernard Denley, and Because tha door to achb<:ll 633 article•, ha, Juat >'eetnlly Harry Strickland, the Pai Phi h cloied u:, you and knowledge oource bookl, not only for Pre,ident, Howie Milter; vice To wat.:h a loved one, helple"", �: !l -! no i::k:.:::��A b ;�:�-: :::�'!:�.c::::���b��� nc ��· �: b ;.,: rg :11 b �!:�i:., u ;:���',

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;:. ;;:;;:o�� v ���.;; -- - o n God, th e e u llfu!, n g You 11>ln fine pict ur inp i r ly I a t least h e t A• plauaible. Y o Are what uu.1 1 the h e ,h much of Gocl h nti a al b Id : y -

;;:;2 )

er th r ch 111 thoa w ava i mpl ete f e y hav the nu n d it i --- 1 <&<• •• 01... c o n y 1

n ea,-nd from the Buffalo Stai e n er e n e o i o rtant Si..te. he had been lnit r of Jill- woodw o rking for o.ev e ni e e in o n to the th e n duotrial Art• de pa o rm. Be wa, l n 1ta1Jed ! n the with the Sta n l e 0,. H e alAO t a u ghf i n o e e o f Cornell Univera i d Coll hav e- h alth. Pri r g j i ed J ticeahi Jl C

Jo m! u e no Imp e labl e the Libro17. t

ha e d"? If yo i g e e nd tak ee squ e u nt e r w e a is n nco to rel ind you th u rs. nts, b t coop e ring l unch . Yo n e u ri o a i h e stud no e s," no books on t u h e . d n E!r , ryw a C a he r e nd f l-0 r noon e the t e nqu a rate. ut a em h t th u a ez rin t t e i s he

once was nt to ea e your c d for e v e

a t with l your fri e ha nc ea long wit ry a v a il a bl e sp a c prov e rb "F i

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me nds do t e ot he ; i t rs, sc a l is re , fi a

st od is not glec:t bi rfs, Th ache d ,tud

r rs. Smtlh." Still th e ed n o o _gr:aph i u, o u i i no d n a � •mn un ch larg d he u e a f

Te,..;hen You m e e uctor In ai n yean, But a u r e r en o ld Normal Confust'5 m e e s a com- Flright ra ve li o odw un it co n . ue otio n • ln1truc t lo n Knowln1t tm Sibl ty E q


, th mpty th e e

forgotton t e rv sp(lrt i n g t h A t noon t h s

g e racu!ty becauee or !Ril i ng to h • l ui t he faculty wh e n



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