American Speakout Intermediate Workbook Unit 3


VOCABULARY ORGANIZATION 1 A Match 1–5 with a)–e) to make sentences. 1 Will you be able to meet 2 Well, I’m ready! Should we get 3 Do you think she’s going to put things 4 My son always gets 5 I’m going to use my time a) started and open the meeting? b) distracted when he’s doing his homework. c) off ? She already has a lot of work to do. d) wisely and check my luggage while I’m waiting for the taxi. e) the deadline on this job, or will you be late? B Match the sentences in Exercise 1A with the responses below. Complete the responses with the words in the box.

B Listen again and circle the correct option. 1 Where is Ruth planning to stay? a) in city hotels b) in youth hostels c) in hostels and cheap hotels 2 What does she plan to do in Lodz? a) go out and find artwork b) take a city tour c) shop downtown 3 What has David done to prepare for his trip? c) written a list of things to pack 4 What does he think he will forget? a) his bag b) his boots c) the tickets 5 What type of party is Amber organizing? a) a beach party for a diving group b) a birthday party at a swimming pool c) a birthday party with diving 6 What does Amber enjoy about her job? a) arranging large events b) scuba diving c) meeting new people C Match the underlined words and phrases in extracts 1–5 with meanings a)–e). 1 Unfortunately, I have to organize things in minute detail … 2 … you see them as you wander around the city. 3 I’m going to a tournament next week ... 4 … we made it to the finals. 5 I think planning comes naturally to me. a) walk around slowly in a relaxed way with no specific purpose b) be successful in or achieve something c) do something easily without learning it d) a competition with different rounds and leading to a winning team e) precise and accurate a) packed his duffle bag b) reserved his bus ticket


ahead prioritizing multitasking leave waste

1 Don’t worry. I’ll finish. I don’t usually time. 2 Tell him to finish it all

of time, and

then it won’t be such a problem. 3 I don’t think so. She probably wants to get it done fast, and she is pretty good at . 4 Good idea because we have limited time. I’d like to start by our most important tasks. 5 Yes, it's better not to things to the last minute, or you’ll miss your flight. LISTENING 2 A Listen to three people talking about planning things. Who thinks he/she:

a) is a procrastinator? b) is a good planner? c) plans too much?





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