BEST P re K–12 PRINCIPAL Sheri Petitte Ridgedale Elementary When we asked Ridgedale Elementary Principal Sheri Petitte for some lessons she’s learned, we saw why she’s now won this category for a second year in a row: •

BEST P re K–12 TEACHER Makayla Boyles SkyviewElementary Makayla Boyles found her passion back in high school as a peer buddy for a younger student with a disability. “From that moment, I knew I wanted to help others with exceptionalities,” Boyles says. She received her master's in elementary education and a certification to teach multi- categorical special education and autism from WVU. Boyles has been teaching special education at Skyview Elementary School for three years, though, as one can expect, each year has been dramatically different from the one before. When it comes to working with her students, Boyles says the most important part of teaching is that students know that they are safe

Be highly visible. You can’t “principal” from your desk. • Communication is key. Be transparent and on-time. • Listen more than you speak. • Find opportunities to build relationships—learning students’ names pays off. • Don’t be afraid to have fun with students. • Hold yourself to high standards, and have high expectations for staff and students. When the school’s culture is positive and respectful, she says, the school grows and moves forward. Staff, students, and families feel connected and successful.

and that their needs can be met. But it’s not just about her, she says: “Education isn’t just a labor of love—it’s an art

of teamwork.” It’s a group of people coming together for the education of our children and, to BOM voters, Boyles is a star among them.

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