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BEST FUNERAL HOME M c Culla Funeral Home McCulla Funeral Home has had several names over the years, but Bill McCulla’s family has always been involved. His great-grandfather opened the business in 1942. McCulla grew up next door and has been a funeral director for 44 years and, these days, he works alongside funeral directors Paul Brock, Robbie Eddy, and Kate McCulla Slaughter, his daughter. McCulla takes pride in supporting local businesses and people, including sponsoring baseball and basketball teams. Funerals and memorial services have become more individualized in recent years, McCulla notes, both due to COVID precautions and simply as an industry trend. “There are more celebration of life–type services,” he says. “Forty years ago I didn’t see golf bags or a fishing rod placed up near the casket the way we do now.” He and his colleagues are honored to work closely with families to create the service that feels right for them. 770 Fairmont Road, Westover, 304.291.3458,, @mccullafuneralhome on FB

BEST FLORIST Coombs Flowers Coombs Flowers has been open since 1952 and, 70 years later, remains in the family. Current owner James Coombs says, “It makes you want to work a little harder and do things a little differently.” What he’s doing seems

to be working—this is the shop’s 5th BOM win. From highly customized arrangements to gorgeous bouquets for that someone special, Coombs Flowers continues to bring a little beauty to Morgantown. 401 High Street, 304.292.1571,, @coombsflowers on FB Close Runner-Up Bella Fiore Florist 66 Old Cheat Road, 304.381.4697,, @bellafioredesigns on FB

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