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BEST ARTIST Patty Colebank

“I cannot remember not drawing on everything that I owned,” says this year’s winner for Best Artist. As a kid, Patty Colebank created with anything and everything at hand. That may be why her work resists being categorized. If pressed, she’ll say she’s primarily a painter and silversmith, but even that’s too restrictive—her acrylic paintings, for example, are very different from her watercolors. Colebank’s silver jewelry pieces are organic-feeling showcases for stones she’s collected through her life, and especially recognizable are her painted Oshka figures, a magical mash-up of objects and styles she loves: matryoshka dolls, quilts, mosaics, and jewelry. The scale of Colebank’s work ranges from pinkie rings to murals, and its purpose ranges from the public to the highly personal—it’s worn proudly on bodies all around town as the product of her many-time BOM- winning PattysArtspot tattoo studio. See her latest at the Sabraton studio, on the studio’s website, and on Etsy., pattytattssilver on Etsy


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