PattysArtspot Contemplating your first tattoo? Here’s what the artists at seven-time BOM winner PattysArtspot have to say about theirs. 1836 Listravia Avenue, 304.598.0190; 425 Beechurst Avenue, 304.292.2885;, @pattysartspot on FB

Jacob “Jake” Gordon My first tattoo was done on my leg, by myself. It didn’t hurt much because I was just so excited to finally have a tattoo. It didn’t heal very well and, a few weeks later, I had to do a touch-up on it. The excitement of having a tattoo had died down, and it hurt way more the second time.

Patty Colebank I got my first tattoo on my back, a small phoenix. When my mom saw it, she said, “Oh my god! People are going to think you’re a whore!” Her attitude about them eventually changed, and she got a few tattoos later in her life.

Josh Herron Shortly after my 18th birthday, I went and had my first tattoo done—a sacred heart on my calf. It was the first of many to come from a host of talented artists.

Paul Anderson I was 16. It wasn’t the ideal experience. I did go to a studio, but parental consent wasn’t needed, and I even had to draw up my own stencil. I got a less-than-stellar outline for a cheap price and, a year later, my parents took me somewhere to get it finished and fixed.

Craig Colebank was 21 years old and told my mom I was going to get a tattoo. She questioned why I would do that, but added, “Well, it better be a heart with ‘Mom’ in it!” It wasn’t. It was a dragon on my arm. About four years later, I did get a heart with ‘Mom and Dad’ in it. She still wasn’t happy about it.


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