Barrios & Virguez February 2018

FEB 2018



outside of school. Eventually, we realized our feelings ran deeper than friendship. I guess opposites do attract, because our friendship turned into dating, and we made our way through law school together. You quickly learn that if you can make it through law school and the bar with someone, you can make it through anything in life together. We learned how to work under a lot of stress and pressure in school. It’s intense. It was like training for opening up our firm. On New Year’s Day in 2014, one year and two months after we’d started dating, Jorge asked me to go to the botanical gardens with him. I’d been wanting to go, because I’d heard it was beautiful that time of year. That morning, though, I was tired, and I didn’t want to go. We’d stayed up really late the night before for New Year’s Eve, and I woke up late, still feeling sleepy. Jorge suggested that we could go to the square in Lawrenceville and walk around and possibly meet my sister there. I agreed that sounded better, but I really had no clue what Jorge had planned for our day. At the square, we walked around for a while, and Jorge guided me to the courthouse. It was a beautiful morning, and Jorge said, “I have a question I want to ask you, but I want you to turn around first.” (I was so lost, and I still didn’t get it at that point.) I turned around. Standing there was all our family, holding up signs that said “Will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes! That’s how we got engaged, and we got married eight months later in Ashton Gardens. We feel so blessed that we get to be the best versions of ourselves with each other, blessed that we get to spend our lives with someone who shares the same values. We were best friends before we started dating, and now we are partners, in every sense of the word.


As many of you know, in addition to working together, Jorge and I are married. Some people wonder how that can work, but for us, it does — it’s even strengthened our marriage. We share many of the same values, and we get to work on practicing those values every day together. We’ve been a team since meeting in law school. Despite going to the same middle school, having similar friend groups, and graduating from the same high school, Jorge and I didn’t meet until our second year of law school. We met thanks to my good friend. When she learned we were in law school together, she told him, “My best friend is in class with you,” and that led Jorge to talk to me. Jorge is very serious, and in the beginning, I was intimidated by him. We’re both opposite of the type of people we thought we’d end up with. Up to that point, the guys I’d dated were loud and outgoing. Jorge had only dated quiet girls, and I am not quiet. He probably thought I was crazy since I’m so outgoing and always speaking my mind.

We look forward to growing as a team this year, both in our marriage and in our law practice.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy the rest of the newsletter!

–Keren Barrios

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