Kinetix: Life Doesn't Have To Be A Pain In The Neck

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Do you have a kink in your neck? Does your back ache? Is it hard to get a good night’s rest because your shoulder hurts? Are you dizzy? You could be pain-free and have your dizziness resolved, by the end of the year! You may have already met your insurance deductible or your out of pocket costs for 2018. That’s good news because that means, coming to Kinetix, may be of little to no cost for you! Call our patient care coordinators and have them check your benefits. Jump start your holidays by feeling better. Maybe our patients’ PTstories will inspire and convince you to try PT now... before the end of you can feel better...and save money!

straight line. All those symptoms are gone! My amazing PT was Dr. Josh Elam. My PTA was Carter and Kevin helped me as well.” -Susan W.

“I had pain and stiffness on the left side, of my neck and back, when I arrived. This discomfort had not been relieved by stretching, exercises or massage, inover4 “I came to Kinetix because I had pain in my shoulder, i t e v e n affected my sleep. After working with my awesome therapist, Josh Elam, I am now

months. Treatment at Kinetix, by Dr. Tony Cere, who added expert manual therapy, mobilization, and class 4 laser therapy, worked! Within four weeks, my pain was gone and I could resume all activities pain-free. Thank you Kinetix team!!” -Sally C.

“InWeek 1, all activities were hard because of my leg pain. In week 2, the activities were becoming a little easier. By week 3, My leg was 90% better and my life was good at work

and home. In week 4, I started feeling like an old pro! Josh and Carter were outstanding in providing me with the best exercises for my overall physical well-being and had such great attitudes with me as well.” -Bill P.

“Before PT, I would get a dizzy/spinning feeling when turning over in bed. I’d also get dizzy during some yoga movements. When getting up frommy desk, on several occasions, I couldn’t even walk a

pain-free and have complete range of motion. I amfinally back to doing the activities that I enjoy most. Wow, I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience here!” -Pat M.

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