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Head and neck pain is not the type of pain that you can push through and deal with for too long. For one thing, chronic pain in the head or neck isoftenassociatedwithsome sort of chronic health concern —

My Head Hurts. There are a lot of different types of headaches that you may experience, and each can be caused by its own different reason. For example, migraines can be caused by environmental factors, food allergies or even as a result of stress. There are headaches that can develop due to sinus pain and headaches that will develop when you are dehydrated. There are also headaches that will develop when you are exposed too long to loud noises. There is no singular fix for each of these different types of headaches, which is why attempting to treat every headache, with the same medication, frequently doesn’t work. One of the most common causes of headaches, that are easily treatable with physical therapy, is radiating headaches, which are caused by stress in the joints and muscles of the neck. This causes pain to radiate from the top of the neck into the head, especially surrounding the ears. There are a lot of reasons why radiating headaches can develop. This buildup of irritation can be treated with regular physical therapy, especially through the use of massage and flexibility exercises that target the muscles in the neck. Find out how you can relieve your aches and pain for good with our programs. Call us today for more information!

one that you need to deal with, not ignore. Secondly, when you are dealing with constant pain in your head or neck, it becomes difficult to concentrate. This can have a negative effect on your personal relationships, your career and more.The most common cause of neck or head pain is a muscle or joint problem.Workingwithaphysical therapistcanhelpyou to identify thecauseof the trouble and begin taking steps to correct the issue.This allows you to find natural pain relief without having to commit to long-term pain management — which often includes the use of pain medications. Pain medications are potentially harmful to your health and not likely to work as well over time. Physical therapy provides long-term relief from pain by correcting the joint or muscle concern with targeted hands-on therapy, as well as specific exercises for posture, muscle strengthening and flexibility. Of course, not all neck or head pain is the same, so understanding the basics of what you are dealing with is the first step to achieving relief.

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