Kinetix: Life Doesn't Have To Be A Pain In The Neck


At Kinetix Physical Therapy, you will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring health experts during focused and individualized sessions. It’s time to get to Kinetix Physical Therapy if: • You’re tired of living in pain • You want to feel better and move better • You have been in an auto accident or injured on the job • You want to prevent injury 1. Call us! 2. Discover why your pain has come back 3. Get your custom recovery program

Patient Success Spotlight

The pain was reduced dramatically!

“When I initially came to Kinetix Physical Therapy, my neck, shoulders and even my arms were extremely distressed with pain. Tony was my therapist and he was so attentive and gracious. The pain was reduced dramatically when he worked on my neck. Jason, another PT, always targeted the culprit areas, especially my first rib, and that really alleviated almost 100% of the pain. Eric, my PTA, was amazing with all that he did for me too! Words can never express the gratitude and appreciation for everyone that has helped me during this time.“ - Barbara

Relieve Neck Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing neck pain.

CERVICAL CHIN TUCK SUPINE While lying on your back with a small rolled up towel under the curve of your neck, tuck your chin towards your chest. Maintain contact of your head with the surface you are lying on the entire time. Repeat 3 times. Strengthens Neck Muscles

Our Specialties

• Physical therapy • General orthopedics • Sports rehabilitation • Vestibular rehab • Pelvic health rehab • Pregnancy/post-partum

• Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) • Auto related injuries/rehab • Worker’s compensation/rehab • Sports physical therapy • And many more!

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