Harmonson Law Firm - May 2020

MAY 2020




“It’s always good to have family near when you need support. And in these times, that support can go a long way.”

We’re all looking for silver linings in this tough time. A lot of businesses are closed, and many people are working from home or find themselves temporarily out of work. At the time of writing, our law firm is operating virtually by conducting video conferences and using electronic signatures. Certainly, our investment in technology has paid off and for that, I am pleased. All our clients’ needs are being met, so you might consider that one silver lining! Here’s another, which is all more appropriate this month — moms! Even though many of us are not able to visit our moms in person this year thanks to social distancing, we can still express our thanks to them. I have three great moms in my life who all deserve recognition: my wife, Sheri; Sheri’s mom, Kay; and my mom, Penny. Sheri is a wonderful mom to our 14- and 11-year- olds. And now she’s doing much of the mom thing all over again with our baby Winn. In many respects, it’s very similar to when our two oldest were babies. But as we “start over” as parents in our 40s, there are many differences, too. For one, we’re more aware of the fleeting nature of childhood. As a family, I think we appreciate that much more as we spend time with our kids. We have a new perspective on just how important that time really is. Of course, there have also been many adjustments. Sheri has really taken on the role of mom, which means less time working. She’s found a good balance. As Winn gets older, she may decide to rebalance things. Regardless, I certainly

appreciate all she has done for us. Being at home more often during this time, I see firsthand all of the difficulties Sheri must endure to keep our family up and running. Sheri’s mom, Kay, has been a blessing, too. Sheri’s dad passed away a few years ago, and Kay has been managing this difficult chapter of her life. She’s a strong woman and does so much for our family. Kay lives in Leakey, Texas, deep in the heart of the Texas hill country, so we get to see her fairly often. We love going out there, and she loves visiting us. Our older kids attend summer camp out that direction and aren’t too far away from their grandma’s house. During the summer, Sheri will go out and visit for a couple weeks at a time, too. One thing Kay loves to do is sew. Lately, she has even been sewing designs onto T-shirts for Winn. If you ever bump into us while we’re out and about and you see Winn wearing a cool shirt, there’s a good chance Kay made it! My mom, Penny, plays a very big role in our day- to-day lives. She actually moved out from Austin to be closer to us in El Paso several years ago after her retirement. While her other grandkids live in Austin and Fort Worth, she simply loved El Paso too much to stay away. I can’t blame her. She comes over for dinner just about every night. And when she doesn’t, that usually means she’s out visiting my sister’s family in Fort Worth, and that includes visiting her other granddaughter, beautiful Cora!

We’re blessed to have Mom living in El Paso. In many small ways, it’s made things a lot easier on us. It’s always good to have family near when you need support. And in these times, that support can go a long way. To all the moms who are reading this — including my staff — thank you for all you do! I appreciate the moms in my life and owe them for all the hard work they put in day and night. To everyone else, don’t forget to call your mom this Mother’s Day, and do stay safe out there.

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