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The luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me is having three children. Naida, Kent, and Ryan are three of the most remarkable people in my life. When I look back over the years, I realize how lucky I am to have children who have grown into adulthood and who are truly good people. All three of my kids are out living their own lives, but we’re constantly in touch. My eldest and only daughter, Naida, lives in Washington with her family of five kids. Naida is a genuinely awesome mother, and I count myself very lucky to be involved and able to watch her raise her children. My eldest son, Kent, lives in Denver with his wife, and Ryan lives out of state as well. I’m truly blessed by how close I am with my two sons — they’re my best friends. When anything important happens in my life, they’re the first people I share it with, and they share with me too. Before I had Naida, I never thought about being a father or what it meant to have kids. I got married really young and was 21 when she was born. There was always a part of me that wanted children, but it wasn’t very high on my list at that age. I had no understanding of what it would take to be a parent or how much you could love this little baby in your arms. It’s something you don’t understand until it happens. I was too young to be a parent at that age — I was still a kid! I had just graduated from college and started at the police department the day after my wife gave birth to Naida. I was a brand-new police officer and scared

out of my wits. But watching my oldest grow up and take care of her own kids has been a beautiful experience. The coolest thing is that she’s now saying, “Dad, you were right.” When she was a kid, Naida did her own thing and didn’t like listening to Dad because Dad was old and didn’t know what he was talking about, and now it’s like “Oh my gosh, Dad, you were right.” I love it! When I found out I was going to have another child, it was a little funny. I honestly didn’t know how in the world I could love this child as much as I loved my daughter. I almost felt sorry for him because I didn’t think I could share that. Suddenly, I was holding my son, who would carry on my family name, and thinking about all the things I’d get to do with him — it was an unbelievable moment.

would mean they wouldn’t be close, but that is not the case. It makes me really proud just knowing how much they mean to each other. What I think is especially cool, though, is how close my sons and I have always been. When they were younger, I was very involved with church, boy scouts, camping, building projects, and making sure that they could come to me for anything. Our house was the kind of home that everyone was welcome at, and I always wanted that for my kids. For instance, Ryan was a spectacular football player, and I’d come home from work to a couple of his friends sitting in my house waiting for him to get home from practice. I’d always sit with them, and we’d chat for hours about almost everything. Often times, my sons’ friends would come over and talk to me about girls and things like that because they couldn’t talk to their parents about it, and my boys did the same. We always had a really fun time, and we still do! I’m an avid motorcyclist. I enjoy getting out on the road and going on road trips on my bike and exploring the country when I can. Both my boys have taken that up now, and it’s amazing. The joy of them going with me out of state and visiting national parks — it’s a beautiful thing. You know, on the day I die, I think I will be able to truly say that the most beautiful part of my life was having these three children and watch them grow. -Travis Black

“The luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me is having three children.”

My third child and second son, Ryan, was born eight years after Kent. I was older then, and it wasn’t quite as frightening. It was very easy to be a dad because I already had that experience with two kids. However, in the back of my mind, I was always a little afraid that the age difference between my sons

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