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2. THEMED FOOD If you’re throwing an Oscars party, serving some tasty dishes is a must. But why not kick it up a notch and keep your entrees and hors d’oeuvres in line with the blockbuster theme? There are multiple recipes for Oscars-party popcorn online, and you can also use star- shaped cookie cutters for your desserts. For your libations, you can serve cocktails from famous films and make a martini even James Bond would approve of. 3. TICKETS GALORE! The ticket price for the first motion picture ever shown at the oldest American movie theater cost 15–25 U.S. cents, depending on the location of your seat. Nowadays, the price of watching a film is astronomical. Fortunately, there are ways for you to create the feeling of watching a film premiere or Oscars ceremony from your own home. Find printable tickets online to distribute to your guests before the showing, and encourage them to dress like they are heading to the red carpet.

At Travis G. Black & Associates, our focus is to help people facing difficult times in their lives. When our client came to us after an incident with a semitruck, we knew we would give our all to get him the compensation he deserved. Thanks to our expert team, our client won the victory he needed. Here’s how this particular case played out. CASE FACTS: The defendant was driving a semitruck and ran a stop sign, pulling out in front of our client and forcing him to dump his bike prior to the impact. Our client’s momentum carried both himself and his bike along the ground, coming to rest next to and under the semitruck’s trailer. Luckily, neither our client nor his bike was run over. Our client sustained several injuries from this incident, including a concussion, a fracture of the right ulna and humerus, and miscellaneous cuts and abrasions. Due to his injuries, our client was out of work for two weeks, which forced him to use 80 hours of available PTO and caused a loss of $1.664.80 based on his hourly rate of $20.81. He made a full recovery in less than six months, and his total medical cost was $20,418.71. CASE STUDY MOTORCYCLE VS. SEMITRUCK: CASE CLOSED 2018 If you’re a big film buff, then there’s a good chance you set aside one important night each spring to watch the Academy Awards. A great number of memorable moments have happened during the Oscars, such as the 2017 “La La Land” best picture mix-up, the 1974 streaking incident when a naked man ran across the stage, or the 2013 falling accident when Jennifer Lawrence tripped as she walked on stage to receive her award for best actress. The Academy Awards is an event you don’t want to miss out on. Here are three ways you can get the most out of Oscars night. 1. PLAY TRIVIA Everyone loves a good trivia challenge. If you and your family watch the ceremony live, you can use the commercial breaks to test your knowledge. Pose questions about the best picture winners over the last 90 years or the actors selected for different categories. You can also find printable Oscars prediction charts and offer prizes to whoever has the highest number of correct answers.

treatment he received, and they only offered $110,000. However, within 13 months after the incident had occurred, the case was settled in prelitigation for $325,000. Our client was fully compensated for his time missed at work, medical bills, and other expenses. After he had taken care of his bills, our client was able to fix up and chrome out his motorcycle so that it was in even better condition than it was before the accident.

THE OUTCOME: The insurance company pushed back against us. Their dispute was due to the minimal amount of post-loss care and


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