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1. Use fake answers for security questions. You know the usual suspects — the street you lived on in 3rd grade, your high school mascot, a pet’s name. You don’t have to use your mother’s correct maiden name, either! 2. Don’t participate in social media quizzes. Smart hackers will take note of the most benign answers (your favorite anything … pizza topping/animal/movie/color, wedding date, college attended) and track your other accounts, perhaps using your public email address as a username to access them without your knowledge. 3. Avoid sharing specific details when a little one arrives. The full name, date, weight, and siblings’ names are an arsenal of information. 4. Be wary of publicWi-Fi. Someone else on the same network can monitor your online activity. 5. Cautiously post pictures. Even new homeowners are susceptible. Many take a celebratory picture of the key and geo-tag their new house without realizing a key can be duplicated from a photo. 6. Enable two-factor authentication as another layer of security.

As kids get older, making time for family vacations becomes more and more important. Once the kids move out of the house, the demands of adulthood make scheduling a time when everyone can get away from work nearly impossible. While parents recognize the importance of continuing to make memories as a family, older kids can be a little harder to convince. Unimpressed teens scoff at the idea of visiting fairy- tale theme parks, and exhausted college students question why they should spend a week in the woods when they could be catching up on some much needed sleep. When you need to take your vacation planning up a notch, rest assured that you won’t have to break the bank to do it. Here are some exciting family vacation destinations that delight kids of all ages. A NEW KIND OF VACATION 7 T ravel D estinations for T eens and P arents


Wisconsin Dells is “The Water Park Capital of the World,” and that’s not just a clever slogan from the tourism board. There are over 10 different indoor and outdoor water parks in this city alone. Enjoy lazy rivers, heated pools, wild rides, and miles of slides. Some water parks even offer dry attractions, like the Hades 360 at Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park, which is the world’s longest underground roller coaster. Described as “Las Vegas for Kids,”Wisconsin Dells is the best place to beat the summer heat.

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Park City is a top-rated ski resort and a fantastic vacation destination, even without the snow. This time of year, the chairlift will take you to the top for some wild mountain biking or nature hiking. Thrill seekers will take delight in zip lining through the treetops or gliding through the sky in a hot air balloon. This is the great outdoors at it’s very best.

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