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Oil and vinegar set

Oil and vinegar set

Orbit is a stylish mouth-blown glass globe which can hold both oil and vinegar (not included) to dress all your salads. It can be used in restaurants and bistros, on your dinner table, or during a family dinner. A very interesting piece that is a must for any kitchen. It can be personalized with company name or logo. Registered design®

Unique oval mouth-blown glass bowl for oil and vinegar. Two chambers: inner capacity of 60 ml and outer capacity of 140ml. Perfect for storing and serving oil & vinegar from the same bottle. Hand washing recommended. A unique piece that will beautify any dinner table. Registered design®


13 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm glass, wood individual cardboard box

12.5 x 7 cm glass, medium density fiberboard individual cardboard box

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