Green Choices

Kitchen set

Bowl set

Set of three bowls for snacks on a bamboo board. Bowls are made of bamboo fiber, which makes them durable and sturdy. Products made of bamboo fiber are suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

These 4 kitchen tools are made of biodegradable wheat straw, a smart and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. The set includes: 1 large snack bowl with 5 stackable small snack bowls, 1 toothpick dispenser, 1 opener and 1 set of 6 forks in the shape of a flower.


33 x 11.1 x 1.2 cm (board), 9.3 x 9.3 x 4.4 cm (bowl) bamboo individual cardboard box

2.5 x 21.4 x 21 cm wheatstraw, stainless steel individual cardboard box

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