Green Choices

Gardening set 7-piece gardening set consisting of a rake, 2 shovels, shears, wire and a spray bottle, packed in a canvas bag with pockets on the outside and reinforced handle. Perfect for a nature lover who enjoys spending time in the garden or who has a lot of flower and herb pots. This bag, with all the accessories, can be taken wherever you want.

Garden apron

Garden apron with pockets, including 2 hooks, 3 spades, 2 rakes and a spray bottle. The waterproof durable gardener's apron with multiple organizer pockets is designed to keep your gardening supplies and accessories close at hand. All the garden tools included in this gardening set are ergonomically engineered.

8 x 10 x 19 cm polyester, metal, wood, plastic bulk

55 x 51 cm polyester, steel bulk

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