Green Choices

Did you know? Bamboo is the largest and the only grass that can diversify into a forest. Although bamboo is a grass, many of the larger woody bamboo species are very treelike in appearance and are often called “bamboo trees.” Bamboo truly is a wonder plant: it can absorb five times more carbon dioxide and produce 35%more oxygen than trees.

Paradoxically, harvesting bamboo to make durable goods is greener than not harvesting bamboo at all. Here’s why: bamboo culms do not live as long as hardwood trees – usually up to a decade. When an old culm decays, it releases carbon into the atmosphere. The root system, which holds 30 to 40% of its carbon, lasts much longer. This means that an untouched bamboo forest is a poor carbon sink.

Bamboo is best known for strength and durability. When it comes to strength, it is much stronger than general wood, bricks, concrete and even steel. Bamboo is also highly versatile: it is used for a variety of purposes ranging from food to construction.

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