Green Choices

Ballpoint pen Gower

Ballpoint pen Adlai

A pen that is environmentally friendly, containing cardboard and plastic based on wheat fiber. It has a nice, soft texture due to the cardboard. The clip and tip are colored in very soft shades like dusty pink. It can be personalized and offered as a gift for a more responsible marketing campaign. You can show your clients that promotional products can be kind to nature. Blue ink.

The barrel is made of recycled cardboard, the clip is of natural wood, and the pusher and tip are made from a renewable, compostable bio-plastic based on wood cellulose. The mechanism cover is made of ABS plastic and comes equipped with a quality Jogger refill. It has a very natural design and colors.


14.6 cm cardboard, plastic based on wheat fiber bulk

14 cm cardboard, wood, bio-plastic bulk

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