Green Choices

Wireless charging pad The charging pad is made of real wood and allows you to charge your smartphone without any cables, with wireless charging at up to 0.75 A for many devices, like iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7. If you want to charge an iPhone older than iPhone 8, an external wireless charging receiver or receiver case is required.

Desk organizer Hadrian

The perfect item for your desk or table! This bamboo desk organizer allows you to keep your desk tidy and charge your phone without any wires. It has multiple compartments so you can organize your office accessories by category. It includes a 150 cm Micro USB cable for connecting the charger to a power source. 5 W wireless charging. Input: DC 5 V/1.5 A. Output: 5 V/800 mA.


1.5 x 14.5 x 27 cm bamboo individual cardboard box

Ø8.6 x 1 cm wood individual cardboard box

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