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E nvironmental /G reen B uildings

First project of its kind funded through a Con Edison Energy Efficiency program GHP Office Realty installs one of NY's largest commercial building energy storage systems


in installing one of the largest energy storage systems in a commercial building in New York State,” said Andrew Greenspan , principal, GHP Office Realty, LLC. “This bat- tery storage system is a no- brainer for us as a commercial landlord: it reduces our energy bills, improves efficiency and power quality, while reducing our carbon footprint.” This project was implement- ed with Peak Power Inc. , an energy services provider based in Toronto. The battery energy stor- age system features Lockheed Martin's Gridstar 2.0 energy

storage technology and Peak Power's software platform, SynergyTM, which uses artifi- cial intelligence to forecast mo- ments of peak demand on the energy grid and stores energy for use during those peak times. GHP will receive long-term sav- ings on energy costs and Con Edison’s burden will be lowered when the demand on their grid is at its highest levels on the hottest summer days. "This project offers a glimpse into our clean energy future in which customers will have reliability and resiliency," said Vicki Kuo, director of Energy Efficiency for Con Edison. "The

owners of this building took advantage of our incentive program to install a technol- ogy that will lower their en- ergy costs and enable them to earn revenue by reducing their usage when demand on our grid is high." Westchester County execu- tive George Latimer said: “It will take all of us working together to tackle the climate crisis our planet is facing – and actions taken like this one by GHP Office Realty are exactly the type of bold steps needed to overcome these chal- lenges. Similar to a program we in County government are utilizing, this effort to reduce energy grid usage during peak hours is both being a good local neighbor by decreasing the likelihood of outages and being a good global citizen by decreasing reliance on non- renewable energy sources.” This project also utilizes Peak Power's Building Insight Platform (BIP), which uses sen- sors within the building that are linked to a platform that uses algorithms and machine learning technology to gener- ate predictive analytics. The BIP collects data from sensors (including temperature, occu- pancy, electricity consumption and HVAC consumption), then uses these metrics to provide building managers with ef- ficient recommendations and mobile alerts. GHP is actively working with Peak Power to expand these green initiatives across their suburban office portfolio. GHP also utilizes other energy efficient solutions throughout their portfolio: variable fre- quency drives are installed wherever possible to reduce fan and pump motor usage, and energy-efficient LED light bulbs have been installed in over 735,000 s/f of GHP’s port- folio from obsolete T8 models, utilizing Con Edison incentive programs. GHP also standard- ized the use of green cleaning products throughout their portfolio. "Peak Power is proud to part- ner with GHP Office Realty, a well-respected leader in the New York real estate commu- nity," said Derek Lim Soo , CEO of Peak Power. "The elec- tric industry is changing and energy storage systems can add tremendous value by reducing costs for building owners, while providing added resiliency and fast response grid services to the utility." 

HITE PLAINS, NY — GHP Office Re- alty, LLC , a divi-

sion of Houlihan-Parnes Re- altors, LLC , announced that it has successfully completed the installation of 375 kW / 940 kWh of battery energy storage at their headquarters located at 4 West Red Oak Ln., White Plains. This project represents one of the largest energy stor- age installations in a commer- cial building in NewYork State, and the first project of its kind funded through a Con Edison Energy Efficiency program. “We are proud to lead New York’s real estate community

375 kW / 940 kWh battery energy storage system


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