Real Estate Journal — 30 Under 30 — February 22 - March 14, 2019 — 17C


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30 U nder 30 Brenda Nguyen, MPN Realty

“Knowledge and genuine relationships are the pillars to a successful career”

ho or what has been the strongest influence in your career? There hasn’t been a singu- lar person who has been my strongest influence, but rather a cumulation of individuals throughout my life who has influenced my career. Within the commercial real estate world, the MPN Realty office has been my most cherished collection of individuals, by far, who have mentored and pushed me to where I am today. Each person at MPN Realty collec- tively provides the environment for me to discover, establish, W

cial stability at the beginning of it. I’ve always had passions for seemingly disparate disciplines – from psychology to finance, from philosophy to economics, from photography to urban de- velopment – and wanted a way to intersect these into a career that challenges me every week. I also enjoy working with num- bers and data models in Excel spreadsheets as much as I do meeting people from all walks of life, and becoming a commer- cial real estate professional has truly allowed for me to tap into all these areas at once. What were some of your early goals and did any-

thing happen to change them? Early in my career, my goals were to learn, absorb, and ex- plore as much as I can within the commercial real estate world, without as much em- phasis on a consistent salary. After realizing how many dif- ferent directions one can go in this world, I’ve reached the point in my early career where my goals are now to set my intentions and unequivo- cally pursue and focus on a few specializations in the industry, as well as invest in my first properties. What unique qualities and/or personality trait do you feel makes youmost suc- cessful in your profession? With the complex and multi- variable nature of many com- mercial real estate transac- tions, my ability to think both logically and creatively – and to see the connection between the two – has helped me tre- mendously in providing a so- lution for clients. This, along with taking time to understand each client’s unique situation and an ability to effectively communicate to others, has helped prepare me for a suc- cessful career. What inspiring word of advice would you give to a young executive graduat- ing from college? “It’s said that a wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others’ mistakes. But the wisest per- son of all learns from others’ successes.” – John C. Maxwell What impact has social media/networking had on your career? Social media has been a constant source of informa- tion on the local and business community. It also allows for easier relationship-building and more accessible connec- tions in today’s hyperactive world. And at the end of the day, knowledge and genuine relationships are the pillars to a successful career. What outside activities do you enjoy during your free time? I really enjoy discovering new happy hours in town, play- ing and coaching volleyball/ softball, hiking and camping in the mountains, relaxing on a hammock with a great book, practicing martial arts and qigong/meditation, dancing and grooving to music, and volunteering. 

Brenda Nguyen Sales Associate Years with company/firm: 2 Years in field: 2 Years in real estate industry: 2 Real estate affiliations: Urban Land Institute, Young Leaders Council

and cultivate myself into a real estate professional, and into an unshakeable individual in a dynamic world. Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in, about your current position and

why you choose the field/ profession you are in today? I knew early on that the 9-5 work lifestyle wasn’t for me, so I sought a career that would let me determine my own timeline – even if it meant I’d have to put more hours in and forgo finan-

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