USDA Inspected Boneless Pork Cubed Steak 2.68 Lb.

Butcher’s Best® Beef Boneless Top Round Roast 2.78 Lb.

Butcher’s Best® Cubed Beef Round Steaks 3.98 Lb.


Grade A, Bone-in Frozen Turkey Breast 1.68 Lb. 2.44 To 2.9-Oz. Selected Armour Lunch Makers 5 /$ 5 11-Oz., Selected Pimento Spread Or Star’s Deli Salads 2 /$ 4

Jamestown Smoked Pork Chops 2.58 16-Oz.Cotto Salami, All Meat Or Thick Oscar Mayer Bologna 1.98 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats 2.98 7 To 9-Oz. Selected Deli Fresh

4-Lb. Box, Frozen Reg.OrVidalia Onion Flanders Beef Patties 6.98


12-Oz. Selected Bologna Or Bar-S Meat Franks .98

11-Oz. Beef, 14-Oz. Italian Or Regular Armour Frozen Meatballs 2 /$ 5

2-Lb.Pkg.,Frozen Skin On The Great Fish Co.Whiting Fillets 4.98

21 To 25-Ct.,32-Oz. Argentine Red Shrimp 10.98

10-Oz.,Frozen AquaStar Shrimp Ring 4.98

Catch of theWeek



10-Ct., Lofthouse Assorted Frosted Sugar Cookies 2.99

Michelle’s Bakery, 14.5-Oz. Plain Or Lemon Pound Cake Loaf 2.69

Bakery Fresh! 50-Oz. Double Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake 9.99

Toufayan Bakery 6-Count Assorted Bagels 1.99

12-Oz. Loaf Ace Bakery White Baguette 1.89

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