Poptropica Level 5 Unit Overview

5 Trips

Unit overview Unit objective

• I can talk about trips and attractions


Tourist attractions: aquarium, botanical gardens, museum, palace, theatre, theme park, water park Theme park activities: big wheel, boating lake, carousel, dodgems, mini-golf, rollercoaster Beach safety: cover, surfing, flags, signs, surfboard

Target vocabulary

Did you go to (the museum)? Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t. Did he like the (big wheel)? Yes, he did. / No, he didn’t.

Target structures

Phonics: word stress Cross-curricular: Social Science: beach safety



• Can understand a simple story • Can understand details of a story • Can recognise the importance of planning


• Can understand a letter about a holiday in Newquay • Can understand a text about beach safety in Australia • Can complete simple sentences about planned activities • Can write an email about holidays at the beach • Can make a safety poster • Can write simple sentences about past activities (Activity Book) • Can complete simple sentences about a theme park (Activity Book)


• Can identify tourist attractions • Can identify theme park activities • Can understand a simple story


• Can ask and answer about trips in the past • Can ask and answer about planned activities • Can discuss a story



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