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“ You May Not Be Improving In Your Fitness Goals Due To Your Arthritis! ” Beat Arthritis Pain

It is that time of year again when the warm weather influences you to achieve your fitness and health goals. There’s a reason why we feel more determined to workout our joints during the warmer seasons than the colder. Why do your joints ache when it gets cold? Your joints are filled with fluid and so are your muscles, ligaments and tendons. When the air temperature is colder, tissues tend to become tighter, drier and stiffer. This is especially true for extremities more exposed to the elements and away from the core of the body. Hands, shoulders, knees, hips and ankles are most susceptible. (continued inside)

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Health & Fitness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


“Are You Going ToWait Until Arthritis Pain Prohibits Movement Before Seeking Treatment?”

Beat Ar thritis Pain

Arthritis pain is directly correlated to the limitation of mobility in your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The more freedom of movement in your joints, strength in your muscles and improved circulation, the less you areaffectedbyarthritis inflammationandpain. How to Naturally Relieve Arthritis Pain The best way to relieve arthritis pain is to stop inflammation from happening in the first place. Focus your efforts on protecting your joints with proper posture, gripping and lifting techniques. Don’t do an activity all at once, for exampleshovelingsnowwithout takingbreaks.

Diet can play a major role in how you feel with arthritis. What you eat makes a big difference in how much inflammation is produced in your body. In addition, regular aerobic and strengtheningexerciseshelpyou feelyourbest by keeping your joints lubricated, stretched and strengthened. If you are suffering from chronic arthritis symptoms, thencallus today tospeakwithone ofourexpertphysical therapists.Ourprograms havehelpedthousandsofpatientssuccessfully relieve their arthritis pain.

They were interested in improving my condition! “I found the staff at Back To Action to be knowledgeable of my problem and needs. They were interested in improving my condition. Everyone there was very friendly.” - Richard W. I am thankful for the excellent service! “I have had several surgeries and keep coming back to this facility because I feelthatthestaffhere isveryprofessional,caring,patientandunderstanding to each patient’s needs.This facility has private treatment rooms where you can perform your table exercises, get modalities, or massages worry free. Overall, I am thankful for the excellent service Back to Action has always provided me.” - R. Medrano


Look inside to learn more about our programs and say good-bye to that nagging arthritis pain and return to a pain-free, active lifestyle!

“ What Should I Do To Relieve My Arthritis?”

There is a little trick that most people, even doctors, don’t know about that instantly relieves arthritis pain in your hands. This technique assists the natural flow of lymphatic fluid out of your hands and arms. Try it right now for instant pressure and ache relief in your fingers and wrists. 1. Bring your affected arm out to the side slightly. Open and close your hand feeling for any stiffness or discomfort in the finger or wrist joints. 2. With your other hand gently place the open palm on your rib cage high up into the underarm area. 3. Gently press into the skin and move your hand in clockwise circles, moving the skin on the rib cage underneath, not rubbing your hand on the skin. You should feel no discomfort while you do this. If you do, then you are pressing too hard. INSTANTLY RELIEVE ARTHRITIS PAIN IN YOUR HANDS

4. Perform this motion for 2-3 minutes.

5. Test your hand again by opening and closing it. It should feel lighter and with less discomfort.

6. Repeat this procedure multiple times a day for best results.

Need A Fun & Active Treatment For Aches & Pains? You May Want To Try Aquatic Therapy

• Have loved ones stopped listening to your complaints because they have heard it so many times before? • Does hip, knee or leg pain put a frown on your face? • Do you feel really stiff when you try to get out of bed in the morning? ATTENTION Pain Sufferers

Aquatic therapy is ideal for a variety of conditions as the soothing effects of water support the body and allow for a freedom of movement that is hard to replicate out of the pool. We understand that your condition is unique to you and that is why our physical therapists perform thorough evaluations and tailor a personal aquatic therapy program to help you achieve rangeofmotion,strengthand return to your activities pain-free and quickly. Aquatic therapy at Back To Action Physical Therapy is ideal for: • Back pain • Joint pain and restricted movement • Hip pain and knee pain • Walking difficulties • Post-surgery recovery • Relieving pelvic or back pain from pregnancy • And more…

Learn 5 Simple Ways To Stop Your Hip, Knee Or Leg Pain Naturally With This FREE eBook IfYou’reNoddingYesTakeOneEasyStep inThe RightDirectionToTakingChargeofHowYouFeel. DOWNLOAD THIS eBOOK TODAY!

See for yourself why aquatic therapy with Back To Action Physical Therapy is the ideal solution to help you live a pain-free active life. Call us today to learn more about our aquatic therapy program. Check out this awesome testimonial about experiencing our aquatic therapy program. “When I first came to Back to Action I was really hurting. I was experiencing wide spread muscle and joint pain and stiffness from my MS. I’m glad I came here because their indoor heated pool felt AMAZING.  Aquatictherapyhashelped me regain my mobility and strength. Thank you!” - I. Hernandez


PRACTICE NEWS: Keeping Our Patients Up To Date!

Brownsville. Back To Action Physical Therapy Brownsville supported the Alzheimer’s Association Brownsville Chapter at a fund raising dinner at the Chipotle Mexican Grill on April 20, 2017. Theorganization ispreparing for theirgreatbig event happening on October 7, 2017 which is the 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer’s, the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Eagle Pass. April was a very busy month here in Eagle Pass.Wecelebratedour long time techElena’s birthday at the beginning of the month with a birthday lunch. Happy Birthday, Nena! Thank you for all you do and cheers to many more birthdays. BTA was a proud sponsor of the 10th annual Step by Step Event hosted by the Angels from Heaven club. Angels from Heaven started as a smallgroupofmothersofchildrenwithspecial needs,andhasgrownover theyearswithmore and more participants, mothers, city officials, and members of the community. This event provides children and adults with disabilities a dayof funwithfood,games,rides,dancing,and awalk in theirhonor.EaglePasshasexpanded itsrecreationalactivitiesforpeoplewithspecial needs throughout the years and now has a softball leagueandcompetitivecheersquad.We hadthehonortosponsor5amazingparticipants and enjoyed all the fun and priceless smiles. BTA also sponsored a team for the 3rd annual Fisherman of God Golf Tournament. 20-4 man teamsparticipated inoneofEaglePass’sbiggest tournamentsoftheyear.Allproceedsbenefitthe construction of the Fisherman of God Retreat Center. Itwasacoldandwetmorning,butnone the less the tournament went on. Although our team did not place, 2 of our players were awarded 1st and 2nd place respectively for “closest to the pin” contest for holes #1 and #8. They can’t wait for next year.

Harlingen. Back To Action Physical Therapy In Harlingen was proud to donate $250 to the Calvary Christian Scholarship Family Fun Run/Walk to raise funds for their scholarship program. This washeldonApril8th.OnApril13th,JoeyFlores passed his 90 day probationary period and is nowofficiallypartofourteam.Congratulations to our team and welcome aboard! From the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA): Your physician may refer you for physical therapy that is to be provided in thephysician’soffice,or toa facility inwhich the physician has a financial interest. If this is your situation, be aware that you have the righttochooseyourownphysicaltherapistand that you are not obligated to receive physical therapy inanyspecificfacility.Always insistthat yourphysicaltherapybeprovidedbya licensed physical therapist.Physical therapistswhoare membersofAPTAareboundbytheassociation’s CodeofEthicsandareespeciallycommitted to providingcompetentandcompassionatecare. All of our physical therapists are long standing members of the APTA. Del Rio. BTA in Del Rio kicked off the month of April by participatingthe inAnnualAllVoicesforAutism BBQ Competition and 5k. Our BBQ team took firstplaceforchickenandplaced6thoverallout of53 teams!Staffparticipated in the5k raising money for autism awareness. Our therapists attendedthe40thAnnualGeorgePaulMemorial Bullriding event, which we sponsor each year, with some of our local health care providers and Lt. Col. Holland of the 85th Flying Training Squadron at Laughlin Air Force Base. The Del Rio clinic staff also participated in the Be The Voice5k/10k:SpeakingoutAgainstChildAbuse and Sexual Assault. Our own Luke Beltran won 1st place in the 10k!

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