More Movement, More Energy

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More Movement, More Energy

Do you sometimes feel sluggish, tired, achy, sore or have low energy? You could be sufferingfromsomebasicphysicalproblems. If you sit still for long hours in your car, at your job or at home watching TV, you are hurting your body over time. Without frequent movement, your muscles waste away, joints become stiff and normal chemical processes in your body change. In fact, your circulation and lymphatic systems slow down causing a backup of toxic wastes, such as cholesterol, that are normally produced and excreted. There are many studies that show changes occur inthehumanbodywith lessmovement. Lack of movement and poor posture are the most frequent causes of low back pain, headaches,neckpain,shoulderpainandpain in the hips / knees or legs. Slumped posture actually changes the shape of your spine, closes the joints of your shoulders, tightens the tissues around the hips and produces a host of other problems.

“There is one fundamental rule of the human body; it was made to move!” Sometimes people find themselves not moving like they use to or having difficulty moving due to pain. The restriction in movement has the potential to lead to other health problems. To be healthy, a big emphasis needs to be placedonmovement. Inordertokeepmoving, your body needs to be flexible, strong, have goodbalanceandgoodnutrition.Themedical experts at Pinnacle Physical Therapy can help relieve your pain, re-align your body and get you moving. You can have more energy at any age!

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