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August 2018

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PuttingAll the PiecesTogether

S tretch Physical Therapy is always growing and constantly evolving to provide our patients with all the tools they need to live healthy, pain-free lives without the need for injections, medications, or surgery. In the past few months, I’ve written plenty about all the wonderful new personnel we’ve been fortunate to add to our team and all the incredible benefits this expansion unlocks for our patients. But as we close out the summer, we not only have another talented, compassionate individual joining on, but a brand-new slate of programs to offer! With Mija Speakman as our new wellness coordinator, we’ll be able to guide our patients to holistic, long-term health while drawing on elements that are traditionally outside the scope of physical therapy treatment, such as nutrition, supplements, stress management, yoga, and everyday exercise. Now we can create a comprehensive wellness plan for patients of all stripes, whether they are injured or simply need a little guidance to achieve long-lasting health and fitness. With this move, it feels like we’re able to close the loop for our patients, putting all the pieces together into a cohesive whole that will really achieve fantastic things for those we serve. Sure, physical therapy will remain a central focus of the clinic, but if you have concerns other than injuries or nagging pain, we can help you with those too! When it comes to your health, there is so much information out in the world that it can be paralyzing. I can’t count the number of patients I’ve seen who are afraid of taking that first step toward true, long-term health because they’re overwhelmed “To put it simply, we want each of our patients to understand what their body is telling them and what they can do in response in order to maximize long-term health.” How Our New Wellness Program Provides Holistic Health

by conflicting data or fearful of injuring themselves by taking the wrong approach. Which exercises will optimize your flexibility and strength? How do I get the nutrients I need to feel better and live longer? How can I stave off injury for the long term? Mija and the rest of the team are eager to answer these pressing questions and will provide lots of resources to get you where you’ve always dreamed of going. To put it simply, we want each of our patients to understand what their body is telling them and what they can do in response in order to maximize long-term health. While we certainly are eager to coach our patients back to health, our end goal is to empower them with knowledge that will keep them healthy on their own for years to come. Maybe that means continued maintenance visits with our therapists to prevent arthritis from resurfacing after physical therapy treatment, or maybe it means a realistic diet plan that will keep diabetes under control and ensure you continue to feel great. But whatever the issue is, we’re here to help, with a huge variety of programs in place to not only curb pain, but to help you feel better than you ever have in your life. It’s the realization of a vision I’ve had ever since I imagined starting Stretch Physical Therapy, years ago.

–Kim Nartker



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