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This past summer, our youngest daughter, Erica, got married. She and her now-husband, Ramsey, have been together for six years, and when they decided it was time to tie the knot, they wanted to do things differently. It was an incredible wedding weekend where the bride and groom found many opportunities to make the celebration their own. The first big break from tradition was holding a cocktail hour before the ceremony. Erica and Ramsey were both at the party, and Erica was wearing a different dress than her wedding dress. They wanted everyone to have a chance to mingle and have fun before the ceremony. When the ceremony started, every member of the bridal party danced (instead of boringly walking) down the aisle to a different fun song. Erica and Ramsey wrote their own vows, and after they said “I do,” all the guests waved wedding streamers and blew bubbles. The couple really wanted to create a feeling of celebration at their wedding and make it an event their guests would remember forever. Rather than do things just because they were traditional and conventional things everyone does, our daughter and son-in-law made the day truly their own. In the biggest break from tradition, they combined her last name, Rozbruch, and his last name, Abdulhamid, to create a new family name: Rozmid. One of my favorite personal touches was the father/ daughter dance during the reception: Instead of playing the usual sappy song, Erica and I decided it would be more fun to play some rock ‘n’ roll, so I picked “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. It was great! Erica and I got to rock out together the whole time. (And it’s good to know I still got moves!) I loved every moment of this wedding. It was wonderful to see my daughter so happy and celebrating her way, and it also captured the value of doing things differently. I’d like to think that Erica got a little bit of her bold spirit from

Michael, Roslyn, Erica, Ramsey, and Danielle.

me, because my entire career has been about doing things differently than everybody else. In order to stand out in the tax resolution business, you need to be doing things differently. Make yourself stand out! The following are some ways you can stand out from the crowd.

• Offer a free tax debt settlement analysis call instead of just a free consultation.

• Give people valuable information in the form of special reports or consumer awareness guides before they become a client, such as the “7 Secrets the IRS Doesn’t Want You to Know” or the “5 Misconceptions About Tax Resolution Companies.” In other words, answer questions they have swirling around in their heads. • Make your marketing impactful. I always had fun with my marketing. When I had my firm, I did radio ads in which I would scream “BE A MAN!” at the top of my lungs. This

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