Volume one, number eight

Where all the kid;, wanna do is arock'n'arole.....

On the corner Yeah, there's been troubles. First there was the usual process of working my way into the staff roster. Then presenting a magazine-like concept to an editor who was - thank God - sympathetic. And then there were space ha,sles - 6 pages to 10 to 8 to 10 to 9, et:::., etc. Then, in December, an editorial election, a shake-up in line-up, and · Shakin' St. was out on its ass. ·· A new semester: somehow working our way back into Strait on an on-again, off-again basis. A constant fight to prove there was an audience for a popular music journal that was entertaining and informative at the same time. We finally realized that this was gonna , have to stop. The delicate position of Shakin' St. was eating its way into the staff causing a lot of quitting, arguing and above all, speculating about the ·possibility of Shakin' St. as a separate entity. Aside from the political hassles up on the Union's infamous Third Floor, it became kind of obvious that for the type of magazine Shakin' St. was, it was going to take a lot more than 8 pages to cover the whole spectrum of contemporary music. And today (Tuesday) was the day: · Publications Board voted on the acceptance of Shakin' St. as a separate publication, partly funded by the activity tax that you're plunking down every year. And we won! Not because I had friends · up here (now that's funny) or because of political maneuvering or because the Shakin' St. staff are such mesmerizing speakers. It was because of you. You came in droves, the meeting room was completely packed! Packed with students who figured they knew a good thing when they saw it and showed to the Pub Board voters that they wanted Shakin' St. as a separate entity so that we may explore

So be patient. With this and maybe the next issue, we are wrdpping up our catching-up process and since the majority of our time was spent preparing to fight for our lives in the recent Pub Board meeting, we ·know you 11 understand and continue to come up to talk and write those beautiful letters (to: 35 Knox Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. 14216). Future issues may well contain : reviews of Humble Pie's Thunderbox by Humble Pie's Steve Marriott. Features on the new wave of "spaced-out" soul ; the evolution of heavy-metal; the evolution of what we term "cloud-rock ;" a study of British R&B centering around Coliseum; a feature to bring you up-to-date on the state of Teenage Music; a special on Todd Rundgren including his newest 2-record set; a report on concert promotion in Buffalo and the dirt that goes with it; a continued series on radio in Buffalo including a story on the only rock 'n' roll station in Buffalo (yes, we .do have one!) : a feature on Genesis (you 've requested it, you get it - to borrow an asshole phrase from an asshole source); a fiction special on Rock Concert vs. Midnight Special vs. In Concert; and yes, even our own tokenistic feature on German rock and sci-fi bands. Rather than close with any dramatics, let me be the first to spread the story about a Rock 'n' Roll writing symposium to take place in. April at UB. It's still tentative, but since Shakin' St. will be making a full-fledged effort to cultivate a pop ' music writing scene in Buffalo (how else do you expect a good Buffalo music scene?), this meeting of national writers and local writers ·will get full coverage in Shakin' St. and we'll keep you posted here and in my own "Caged Onstage" column in the Record. Now if l could just get the Buffalo New Times Concert Column guy to stop using my name...

fully those areas that we could only touch in the limited space of 8 pages. Thank you (sniff. .. )! Shakin' St. will now continue as 8 pages in Strait for the remainder of this semester. With the beginning of the new school ·year, Shakin' St. will be an independent bi-weekly publication. This is good for .us and you because we've got about five more issues under the wing of Strait to refine our styles, experiment, and most importantly, to plan. We've acknowledged your suppor! and in retu!'n, we plan to make Shakin' St. the best rock 'n' roll magazine that you'll ever see in or out of this city. Wait: . before you jump up. The magazine will be a rock 'n' roll magazine, yes, but we refer to an attitude . Yes, we'll continue to give you the best coverage of rock 'n' roll , the kind of music that's experiencing a degrading death because of the vinyl shortage and increasingly tight playlists. But rock 'n' roll is essentially an attitude, a lifestyle that glazes all the various types of pop mu_sic. And since rock 'n' roll has aiways been teenage music, we'll continue to keep tabs on any t~end in teenage music because it is there, we feel, that any real substantial influence and mania will surface. For this issue: well, since I'm my own worst critic, I realize that you've 'been pelted with a lot of record reviews lately. Shakin' St. No. 6 & 7 were completely reviews because with the long semester break, we were swamped with new releases. And since one of our functions is to keep you up-to-date with new releases, it took priority over any special features we had planned. It would be ideal if we could cover every single album released from each 2 week period that we publish, but it takes an awful lot of catching up. More important, I think they readasbeing more than reviews of the 2 oz. of plastic the music was stamped on. Thecontinuity and side-comments were the same and the subjects touched on in the reviews were so much more than the silly records.

Go down rockin' -Gary Sperrazza, Ed.



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