30THSTREET cool stalker, but his birds no longer fly, James Joyce was a mudslinger, Jesus Christ was a forgiver. Me I'm just a rock and roll singer." Mccafferty belts out the vocal,with maniac intent, and guitarists Pete Agnew and Manuel Charlton tease and thrust us with melodic voltage while drummer Darrel Sweet pounds away savagely, with blinding-speed intensity. "Tum On Your Receiver ~' is a bit more melodic than most of the tunes penned by Nazareth, but it's still an A-1 rocker, with a sound that could be best described as Slade meets the Beatles, as Mccafferty delivers a vocal sounding like Paul Mccartney with razorblades tickling his throat . ''Teenage Nervous Breakdown" is a tune Nazareth borrowed from Lowell George of Little Feat fame, another talented, underrated band of a somewhat different texture. Nazareth interpret this tune by pounding it, and fashioning it into their own image and likeness of blazing grease-lightning, and give us another anthem, a drinking tune in the fine tradition of "19th Nervous Breakdown" and "Eighteen." "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" is another number which has the potential to break the pdp-charts, and AM listeners will be quite fortunate if it does . The group round out the· album with another rocker·, "Freewheeler," a tune of Deep Purple "Fireball" thrust, "Child In The Sun," a folk-rock attempt which is really harmless and inoffensive, but only goes to prove that the band should stick to their forte. The remaining two cuts on the album are renditions of "This Flight Tonight" by Joni Mitchell and "The Ballad of Hollis Brown" by Bob Dylan. What Nazareth do to Mister Mitchell is a ' beautiful bastardization of lovely, lilting lyrics fused with their own special brand of "noyze." Turns out that the lady is quite a rocker when Nazareth finish with her' tune, or finish her, whatever your particular prejudice may be. And what they do to Ms. Dylan 's tune is to give it a tense,. Black Sabbath droning, electric back drop which, a~ it turns out, blend well with the mounting depression and tension of Dylan's lines. Nazareth are a band who promise you nothing else but, and you can sing along with me this time, hard driving rock and roll. They 're a fun bunch, who probably won't appeal to art music lovers (who needs those Yesoids anyways) but they're primarily concerned with entertaining you, and if this is what you're after pick up Loud N Proud as well as Razmana:i and rock on. (Sheesh!) - Michaelangelo ,Sajecki

the minds of the young. The animal is tagged a fag, making him a box-office frea:k attraction (hot on the heels of America's budding interest in Bowie and doubts of their own sexuality). The animal puts together a touring band of high-schoolers, dubbed the Tots. From Transformer to Berlin, back to the streets. This time, the downfall of the drug scene. With support by people like Jack Brtice, Aynsley Dunbar and Stevie Winwood, the animal traces his mistress through confused sexual relation; the adoption of speed, the loss of a family and inevitable suicide. Probably disgusted by the lack of recognition and/or praise of Berlin, the animal tosses aside any conceptual framework he had planned to present live and puts together what could be the best rock 'n' roll band in the land in terms of freshness, power and musical interplay. Two dubiously named musicians, Praskash John and Pentti Gian on bass and drums, respectively. Ray Colcord on organ. Two lead guitarists: Dick Wagner fresh from his sessions on Alice Cooper albums and the mainstay of what was reported to be the next big supergroup (not a dime-a-dozen phrase in those days), Ursa Major. Before that, he initially surfaced in Frost, a Detroit band. Speaking of that fabled city, the second guitarist, Steve Hunter, also played on Alice ·sessions and had a stint in Mitch _ Ryder's Detroit, who cut a mean version of Lou Reed's own "Rock and Roll." Now (whew!), to the album : With a finely toned sense of drama, the band plays the intro: Steve Hunter wrote this instrumental that dips and swirls with rock fanaticism. Wagner and Hunter trade off lead licks and the band chugs along with spunk. Suddenly, when the build-up becomes unbearable, the smoke clears and the opening riff to "Sweet Jane" begins. Out walks the animal amidst wild cheers. He slinks out cool and confident, surveys the crowd. He's dressed in solid black, haircut real short making his ears stick out like a chimp's. And the eyes: deep sunken ,pits with a decade of hangovers and the mark of a swollen, mean animal that spits out his lyrics one minute and declar~s them the next. Ah, sweet jane. A Velvet Underground classic. Mott's done it. Brownsville Station's done it. Even with Mott's stunning arrangement or Brownsville 's punkiness, none dare come close to the animal's original and_ the band here comes close to matching the subtle grace of the beat , supplying macho energy to

being hampered - by the supeMtar attitude. They dedicate themselves to a -formula of group-penned, heavy metal, retro-active - rockers, interspersed with renditions of other artists' material, performed in the same rock vein. On Loud N Proud, strangely enough, their voracious, electric appetites settle· upon the material of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Lowell George of Little Feat fame. As side one begins, and the group breaks into "Go Down Fighting," it occurs to the listener that much of what rock and roll is, at its essential best, is pure, unbridled electricity unleashed at the listener, rather than to him. Rock bands such as Slade and Nazareth play at their listener, rather than to or for him. But it is this pompous vulgarity , coupled with the electricity that these rockers channel and infuse into our systems, which makes rock and roll such a vibrant force in today's society. Nazareth happen to be amongst the chosen few who are capable of driving the energy into us, and with "Go Down Fighting," as guitars screech and wail, and - the bass line quickens the heart a few beats, and the drums centralize this whole effort , we hear Nazareth at their finest moment of maniac tempo and thrust. The number, lyrically and attitude wise, is one which does not propel our thoughts, but this is not what is intended. It's basically a fight song, a song which can quickly become the national anthem of working-class mentalities everywhere (including this scuzzy flea-bag himself). It is also capable of climbing the British pop charts, as the English kids, in all their fickleness, are much more apt to accept new bands dealing with the basic essentials of hard n heavy rock much quicker than their American counterparts. Consequently, Nazareth have yet to make a sizeable dent on our shores. The beat is never lost, the primal urgency of purpose is maintained, and on "Not Fakin It," the next tune, Nazareth give us another gutsy rock-a-thon with no wasted energy or boring, time consuming solos complete with riff repetitions. This particular tune, as is evidenced by some catchy , mad-cap lyrics, presents an extension of a rock mentality, a culture of space-in time being affected by the now generation. "Jack the Ripper was a J

Deep Purple anx iously awaiting critical reaction to their new LP, Burn? Deep Purple not caring too much now that~ they're loaded? Deep Purple at the Aud March 5 at 8 PM with Savoy Brown and~ Tucky Buzzard. This Concerts East; production costs $6. 50, $6.00 or $5.50 and tickets are available at all Sattler's· record stores.

Lou Reed ROCK 'N' ROLL ANIMAL Lou Reed (RCA) There's a rumor going around saying they've captured the animal. But how could this possibly be? What chains could hold this Transformer? What hands could pull him from underground? This latest album traps, at least for the moment, the animal whose savage grace i_s unmatched and whose progression of character with each album is astounding. The animal is Lou Reed, the cage is his natural habitat, the Academy of Music in New York. - Lou out of a New York upbringing: dirty, busy, street-hustling, heavy drug scene. Formation of the Velvet Underground with Johll ,caJe: a semi-avant garde gritty rock band amassing a wide N. Y. following.through their keen translation of the kinetic effects of drugs on the body and mind. The band's association with Andy Warhol (he designed their first 2 LP covers) and front-girl named Nico, made them THE band to see. The obvious hang-out readily identified with the band by Max's Kansas City, the kind of sleaze bar where you - take your life in your hands when you walk into the john. · The animal ends a semi=retirement through the growing affection by, and talent, of Mr. David Bowie. A solo album recorded with various English side-musicians follows. The animal opens various Bowie appearances in England. "The animal comes back to America. A second solo LP, Transformer, follows, produced by Bowie. Who would have thought that "Walk on The Wild Side," a vinyl vindictum about the decadent City combined with sexual confusion, would become a top 40 hit? Reassurance of the rock 'n' roll spirit in

Nazareth LOUDNPROUD Nazareth (A&M)

When the popular, hard-driving Deep Purple decided to _disband with reorganizational intent, their rough and tough bassist, Roger Glover, decided it was about time to try his hand at producing fresh - talent. It is no coincidence that when Glover turned his attentions towards a band of Welshmen known as Nazareth, they began to rock with blistering intensity, and they took England by storm with their hit single, "~roken Down Angel. " Nazareth are no new commod,ity. They had recorded two albums for Warner Bros. , without much said of them. It was not until their third _album, when they switched labels to A&M, and produced Razmanaz under the guidance of Roger Glover, that people began to take notice. Their latest album, Loud N Proud , while not as thrustful as Rai manaz, is still capable of kicking up some hard and heavy dust. The band, comprised of singer Dan McCafferty, bassist Peter Agnew, drummer Darrel Sweet and guitarist Manuel Charlton, are essentially a hard rocking unit ·who have the same working man's lDand appeal as do Slade. In accordance with this image, there is nothing artsy or ~retensious about their sound, or their rock and roll mentality. And as you may have already guessed, Nazareth equal, if ~ot surpass, the drive, volume and ~ eking intensity of Deep Pur,ple, without : j i

Hi, this is Alice. Just sitcin' around, Fat: and lazy after my Holiday Tour. Hope · you liked our show New Year's Eve. My manager, Shep Gordon asked me to remind you that he also manages Anne Murray, y 'know, the Snowbird, "House at Pooh Corner," "Love Song," etc. And ~ e'll be at Kleinhans March 10, courtesy Theatre Series. Tickets are on sale at all Hengerer's, Norton Union ticket offices ' and Festival tickets. As for me, well, I'm putting together a stage show, pushing my .new single ("Muscle of Love") and drinkin' Bud. What else is there to do?

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