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ocean while his voice skims over the top like a two ton barge. Leo's vo:..ce is deep' and full and usually acts as~an antagonist to his protaginistic playing on guitar. Energy is the name of ·the game and Leo puts it out on the first level, unamplified. Ice Water is more of a group effort than his last two albums. The add;itional personnel intensify the rhythms that Leo sets 1,1p bn liis_six and twelve string guitars making this album very strong. If you're tired ' of weak-kneed romantics and spft . minded traditionalists, I Leo Kottke's brand of folk music may be for you. A&M records wants to take you on a little trip across the great Atlanti_c (or · ' Pacific, which ever you prefer, although the Atlantic is closer) to the 'dark continent with an African group called Lumumba. This group made up of 5 native brothers (4 from Ghana & l from Trinidad) tend to remind me of Osibisa. Also 3 American musicians .render their service,s. Our friend David T. Walker: guitar, George Bohanon: . various bass instruments and oddly ·enough a young lady who uses her hand very well, Bobby~ Hall: congas. There are two cuts on this album which caught my ear. One is "Love is 50/50!' and the other is,"Sing With the · Birds." Personally I wouldn't purchase this album for my enjoyment. But if it's something you're into . .-. well ... •git down. Later: In a duece: The Main Ingredient have another -hit _ album on the charts. It's entitled "Euphrates· River." The Main Ingredii!nt 1 is comprised of a group of 3 young men from the N.Y.C. area, who have received a gift of perfect ·harmony within themselves .' Each cut on the album is very nice, beautiful listening music. The standouts on· this album are a Brian Auger tune called "Happiness is Just Around the Be'nd," ' a Stevie Wonder piece, "Don't LUMUMBA L (A&M) EUPHRATES RIVER Main edient (RCA) ,

,Ode ·records has a definite winner-on its hands with horn and windwood artist Tom ·Scott & the L.A. Express. Scott utilizes very good talent on ·this album. For example, Joe · Sample (of Jazz . Cl\Usaders fame) on keyboar9-s, Larry Carlton: guitar, John Guerin: percussionist, and Max bennett on bass. There is -no one cut on this album to spotlight as the best,/ for they are all perfectly blended compositions. Anoth~r point - for Scott and the L.A. Exp~ess is that they use their own material: All ,compositions excluding one, "Dahomey Dance"(which was written by the master,- John Coltrane) were a combined effort if not totally composed by one member of the group. If you like smooth, light and easy -listening jazz, be sure you ~heck this one out. If only for the sake ·of showing your peers that you do have some class. Later. In a duece. Here it is, the third offering from Leo Kottke, that ever powerful guitarist that makes an acoustic guitar sound like a rainbow of never ending notes. Kott~e is a master of heavy metal acoustic guitar and contrasting styles between his f1ngers and his lips. Here is a man and an album that is strange to the ears . that are accustomed to sweet mouthed imiddle of . the road folk singers that utilize finger picking like beginners and sing like they think they should. What makes Leo _ Kottke and Ice Water interesting is its highly individual attack at acoustic music. Leo is both traditional in his approach and reyolutionary in his technique. As some of his promo material puts it, he may be the first acoustic hard rocker. Analogies are always good examples · department; so here's one for ya : Leo Kottke plays like Jimmy Page. Listen to Black Mountain Side or White Summer by Jimmy Pag~ and then listen to Leo Kottke's A Gdod Egg, and you will see the relationship. Yes, Leo Kottke is heavy. His guitar work· flows like an I ICEW~TER Leo Kottke (Capitol) ..1

,.. '

You Worry About a Thing," a_nd a Seals and Croft number entitled "Summer Breeze," made famous by none other thari the Isley Bros: Even though these ' are the standouts, the local radio stations · "tend to bend" towards 'the cut "Do~'t Wanna Be Lonely." The Main Ingredient has been dubbed as the smoothest group vocally on the scene: today. Yours truly did a performance at Fr~doriia State College as the warm up· group with the Main: Ingredient and I'm totally convinced this accusation is 100% true. They are the most -professional group around..To see' them live is to witness perfection. Th~ Main Ingredient, Tony, Lou a11d lead singer Cuba are at ,the top, and even though this , album is not as smokin' as their last "Aphrodisiac" it in itself is a hit. . " Later..In a duece.

Signing Out, , Dr. Corn M.D,S. (Masterfu.l Doctor of Soul)


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