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MAY 2020

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the business so our patients could continue their healing. We are focused on preparing for the day we can open our doors again, and our staff has been more than supportive. But there have been some silver linings in all of this chaos. We swiftly got the Kaizen Physical Therapy phone app off the ground and running! (Learn all about it from this month’s insert.) We even established new telehealth practices and were able to connect with patients without having to physically interact with them. At the time of writing this, we are still working out a few kinks in making sure we are compliant with HIPAA, but I know the opportunity to perform telehealth is going to be vital for our patients. Amid all the chaos and in swiftly adapting our practice, I’ve been spending more time at home with my family and finding joy in these special moments. Our oldest, Dylan, is pretty self-sufficient, and he’s been able to continue with his schooling with little fuss. Our 7-year-old, Julien, thought that staying home from school meant no school and was pretty bummed to find out his mom had loads of coursework planned for him. And our youngest, Allison, has no idea what’s happening, but we’ve all had the special honor to watch her take her first steps as a family.

These past few months have been nothing short of strange. Who could have predicted we would spend 2020 fighting a disease that has taken over the globe? Like many small businesses, Kaizen Physical Therapy has had to adapt to COVID-19’s demands. In early March, our clinic heightened our already regimented sanitizing procedures. We recognized that this could be a big deal from the beginning, and we remained vigilant about sanitizing everything we touched and washing our hands before and after seeing patients — something we also do when there isn’t a pandemic. Soon, we had to scale back our practice quite a bit. While we could still see patients, we had to limit the number of patients we could see during the day because we had to ensure each patient had their own room. We created a 1-to-1 ratio of patients to therapists, and no more than five people are in the clinic at one time. We also had to place extra value on our patients recovering from surgeries. While all our patients receive the best care, it’s mandatory that our postoperative patients continue receiving care to avoid scar tissue from causing more pain and limiting movement. However, all of this also meant we had to make the very tough decision to scale back hours for our staff and even let some go. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we had to do what was best for

safe at home, but if you are in any pain whatsoever, give our team a call! You don’t need a prescription from a doctor to see a physical therapist! Like many states, Washington classifies physical therapists as essential businesses. This allows us to stay open to provide in-person care at a safe distance and with minimal touching. If you are in pain, we can offer an affordable and effective way to heal without having to bog down our medical system. Right now, we have to leave doctors and medical personnel on the front lines to fight this disease. They are working tirelessly and around the clock to battle COVID-19 and save lives. This is an unprecedented time for many of us, but I’m confident that we will get through it together. Let us know how we can help you by calling 206-524-6702. Stay safe and be well.

The most important message I can send to you all right now is to stay

–Dr. Colin Sisco

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