Law Tigers July 2018


July 2018

A COMMUNITY WE BELIEVE IN For Us, Riding IsMoreThan a Hobby


fter a long and eventful career, I found myself amid some changes in my life, especially as a father of three kids fresh

out of college. So about 10 years ago I bought my first newmotorcycle, although I had first ridden as a teenager. With this newfound personal freedom and a new bike, I rode as often as possible. Needless to say, there was a fresh sense of exhilaration that came with the freedom of the open road. Whether I was solo trekking along the open highway or cruising alongside some of my closest friends, I became addicted to the thrilling sense of joy and possibility that riding brought me. I immersed myself in the motorcycling community and became intimately acquainted with the challenges bikers face on the road. I joined LawTigers as Marketing Manager this April. I’m not a lawyer; the attorneys with their combined decades of experience and hundreds of successful cases handle that end of the business. What I am is a rider, with thousands of hours in the saddle and a passion for fostering safety within the biker community. The reason I picked this law firm is they have the same philosophy and put their money where their mouth is by contributing tens of thousands of dollars to charitable motorcycle events across Illinois and Indiana each year. I’mworking to make a difference in the motorcycle community through advocacy, support, and listening to my fellow riders who are eager to do the same. Six or seven days a week, I’m out connecting with the public. It never gets old, whether I’m going on rides or hanging out at bike nights, mingling with

other riders. Whenever there’s a motorcycle event, I’m there, shaking hands, having fun, and laughing right alongside a huge variety of bikers. Sometimes, I’m amazed that I’m even able to call it work, I enjoy it so much. I also work to engage community organizations in support of motorcyclists, like my H.O.G. chapter or the local ABATE chapter. Our missions align on such a personal and professional level that it’s a natural fit for the law firm and me. And, of course, as any rider knows, there’s no group more generous than the motorcycle community. I don’t care if they’re a buttoned-up corporate rep, an employee at a motorcycle shop, or a badass biker decked out in leather, I’ve seen time and time again that riders will drop everything they’re doing to donate their time and money to a good cause. My days are spent working with charities and biker related organizations to raise awareness for those charitable causes.

-Steve Graef Frankly, I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to do this marketing work for a firm that I’m truly passionate about supporting. They’re the kinds of lawyers who go to great lengths to serve the needs of the client. It was important to me when I joined that I felt fully confident in the integrity, compassion, and experience this firm had to offer and having met former clients at events and seeing how happy they were they hired us, I can say I made the right choice. For me, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

Helping Injured Riders Nationwide



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