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Welcome to Accord North

A company of creative thinkers, digital strategists, planning experts and problem- solvers. The strength and depth of our expertise is second to none. With consumers accessing multiple channels in multiple ways, it’s our job to think flexibly, learn fast, respond swiftly and operate at the very heart of your business. We have a proven track record of working with entrepreneurial start-ups, challenger brands and market leaders. A n award-winning, proudly independent marketing agency based in Manchester.

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Our values W e take pride in our professional approach, friendly demeanour and determination to deliver an outstanding service - but it is our company values that form our DNA. They guide the way we work with our clients, business partners, suppliers and each other.

We’re enthusiastic, flexible and super lean. To us that’s a special blend of expert, dedicated teams with fewer layers and more doing. To our clients, that means getting the most from their budgets.



We are dedicated to building strong, long-lasting and successful business relationships. This spurs us to go above and beyond.

Encourages a culture of curiosity, drives innovation, inspires a sense of community and increases productivity.



This is the basis for everything we do and the prerequisite for our success. It’s about being adaptable, considerate, open and honest.

We are transparent and accountable, with a commitment to energise, engage and inspire. We value innovative ideas and fresh thinking. 

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Our brilliantly joined-up approach

With our integrated marketing expertise, we brilliantly combine data, insights and unbound creativity to get people loving, sharing, calling and buying more of our clients’ brands, more often.

W e love to challenge ideas and push boundaries. Experienced, flexible and energetic, clients come to us for ideas, service and results. Most consider us true extensions of their team, working closely with us to devise, develop and implement every stage of their marketing plans.

We always talk objectives first - business goals, target audiences and campaign ambitions. It is only then that we use the media and planning tools at our disposal to identify the right platforms, tactics and technologies that will drive awareness, maximise return on investment and future- proof your business.

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Portfolio of services

Planning & insights

Media buying








Data analysis






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Our people

O ur marketing expertise is at the core of what makes us different, but to deliver that difference we need the best people for the job.

Enthusiastic, flexible and super lean. To us, that’s a special blend of expert, dedicated teams with fewer layers and more doing. To our clients, that means getting the most from their budgets.

We bring our collective experience and skills to offer brilliantly joined-up campaigns, designed to enhance your brand,

maximise return on investment and sell more stuff.

Our 2019/20 charity partners:

We practise what we preach

Accord North

We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is about more than just donating money - it’s about offering our time, energy and resources to make a real difference to our chosen charities. As part of this commitment to giving back, every year we choose a new charity partner. In previous years, we have worked with Age UK, Children with Cancer UK and War Child, raising over £30,000 in three years.

Accord London

Accord West

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Research & planning

To ensure our insights are grounded in data and our recommendations are fully validated, we continue to invest in an eclectic range of planning tools:

T he marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Every day there are new ways to engage, connect and influence via new channels, opportunities and tactics. But knowing where to be and how to act can be overwhelming - being everything to everyone isn’t always the answer. Instead, the key is to change perspective - to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We believe in focus. In cutting through the noise to find clarity. So, we adopt three core principles to effectively plan campaigns, think through strategies, debate approaches and discuss ideas.



Role of media:

Profiling consumers to define demographic groups, to understand buying habits and interests and to identify media preferences.

Analysing and understanding your market and competitor landscape.

Using our audience and market knowledge, we make informed and objective decisions based on how media impacts consumers and when.

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Results-driven digital A s an official Google Premier Partner agency, we are recognised as a trusted business partner that takes pride in delivering fully integrated campaigns, which drive traffic, deliver leads and boost sales. Because, like you, we’re not interested in anything else.

Google classifies Accord in the top 1% of agencies in the UK.

We have been part of the Google Premier Partner programme since its inception in 2015; keep in mind that this is the highest Google certification that exists. In order to qualify, we must continuously meet Google’s exacting requirements in three key areas: best practice, ad spend and performance growth.

Retaining this status is always front of mind as it provides us with direct access to Google’s highest level of support, research and insights, new betas and invites to exclusive conferences - helping our clients stay ahead of the competition.

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Our partnerships

Brands we work with (some of the amazing)

W e have long- established strategic and active working partnerships with a host of associations and trade media companies.

Working together we organise and sponsor events, produce white papers, commission research, write blogs and deliver industry presentations.

allow us to invite our clients to prestigious events, meet with journalists to discuss editorial opportunities, take advantage of promotional offers and gain early access to new digital betas and product updates.

Moreover, these high- profile partnerships


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Performance & analysis

A ccurate and consolidated reporting. Accord’s web-based data visualisation tool - LOOP - enables you to brilliantly join up your customers’ user journey with the option of attribution, analytics and media data. It offers a powerful combination of: • CRM data integrations. • Digital analytics. • Full call tracking technology for online and offline activity. • Media data. • Attribution modelling integrations. Collectively, this information informs and shapes both marketing and CRM strategies, whether that be for search campaigns, a creative execution or a customised email programme.

Find more customers. Do it faster. Maximise ROI.

It all starts with a single conversation...


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