Biola Broadcaster - 1955-02

VOL. 3, NO. 2



"You do not test the resources of God, until you pray for the jmpossible," in wisdom a saint of old suggests, and the truth of this is clearly revealed in Scrjpture as we realize that "with God, nothing is impossible." Through the nearly half-century of progress by the Bible lnstjtute of Los Angeles, we have been able to go forward for Christ only as you have been faithful in upholding our spiritual arms in prayer. During thjs time, untold numbers have been lead to the Lord through our thousands of graduates around the world, extensive radio ministry, publications, and other varjed phases of ministry. Now, as we contemplate a much-needed campus for adequate facilities to meet the rising number of Christ-dedicated students who desire to prepare themselves for the Lord's servjce, we realize that such a development will be impossible without your faithfulness in prayerful support. For, "unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." We trust that as you read through the columns of thls month's BROADCASTER, you will be stirred to pray regu– larly and expectantly for the Lord's undertaking in this important step of much-needed development.

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