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The cruel winds of winter swirl just outside your window, leaving traces of frost on each pane. You stoke the fire and curl up in the velvet armchair nearby, eager to finally start that Agatha Christie novel. But as you stir your tea and pull on a pair of wool socks, you feel a slight tickle in the back of your throat. Frantic, you reach for your trusty onion necklace and blare Pandora’s jazz station. Yes, it’s as strange as it sounds. Among the countless cold remedies in the world, there are some that involve an extra-large helping of lizard soup and others that require a supply of powdered frog skin. But most of the time, these superstitions do little or nothing to combat your infections. Take these two sock remedies, for instance. A Dirty Lard Scarf Some home-remedy enthusiasts encourage their infected friends to grease their necks with chicken fat or lard. After their skin is

sufficiently coated, the afflicted then wrap their necks with dirty socks. Warm and a little sticky, the sick were supposed to sweat out their germs.

Wring them out, then pull them over your warm feet. Immediately add another layer of dry socks and hop into bed!

But Does It Work?

But Does It Work?

Maybe! This approach is a standard practice in hydrotherapy. Your body is surprised by the sudden change in temperature and increases its circulation rate. This could help clear your nasal passages and jump-start your immune system. Licensed acupuncturist Anne Carruth described her experience with this method on PortlandNaturalHealth.net. For her, the treatment “nips a sore throat in the bud” and has helped her “get over lingering cold and flu symptoms.” In the end, whether you’re experimenting with socks or just taking another dose of Nyquil, it’s important to fight your cold when it arrives. Get adequate sleep, drink plenty of fluids, and warm up a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Your body will thank you!

Probably not. This remedy supposedly surfaced in England before drugs and vaccines helped eliminate contagious illnesses like strep throat and diphtheria. While sweating does help rid the body of unwanted bacteria and germs, the dirty sock adornment served more as a reminder for the healthy to steer clear of their feverish neighbors. But hey, at least the scarf will keep you warm during a bout of the shivers! You’re Hot Then You’re Cold This holistic approach supposedly clears nasal congestion for a restful night’s sleep. Simply soak your feet in warm water until they’re hot and pink. While you’re sitting, let a pair of socks rest in a bowl of ice water.

CYCLING THROUGH SANTA MONICA Last month, Nikki introduced you to the best places to hike in our area. Now, she’s back with her other favorite activity: cycling! it enables her to continue riding with as much or as little assistance as she desires. She can build up her strength while enjoying the outdoors. It’s incredible. You can ride as far and as long as you want. Right now, I’m riding

my cruiser, and it’s ideal for flat rides. However, if you want to do more of an uphill, mountainous ride, you’ll want something with more speed and more gears, like a road bike. Whether you want a beach cruise, mountain ride, speed race, or slow roll, Santa Monica has a gorgeous route waiting for you!

Riding my bike is one of my favorite activities because it’s so easy to find beautiful places to go. You can just roll out of your driveway and put all your worries behind you! When I get on my bike, I feel calm. I put all my thoughts on the back burner and just let my mind flow. It’s freedom. You can go with a friend or group, or you can go alone, which is just as enjoyable. One advantage of riding with a group is that they will inspire you to go faster and further than you would by yourself. If you want to move your body and stay in shape without a lot of impact, biking is for you. There are options for every speed and level. One gal at our office who suffered a knee injury has an electric bike, and

For those who don’t have time to go to the gym, biking can be a part of your commute. One of my resolutions is to ride to work at least a few times each week. My favorite place to bike is along the beach, where you can enjoy the ocean breeze and birdsong in the background.

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