Weekly Flyer October 10-16, 2018

$ 8 99/lb. SAVE $5/lb. Wild Caught Alaska Salmon Fillets

$ 8 99/lb. SAVE up to $5/lb. Grass Fed Ribeye &

Strip Steaks Whole Loins $6.99/lb.

3/ $ 12

5/ $ 5

$ 2 49/lb.

$ 3 99/Bag

Carving Pumpkins Celebrate fall with naturally vibrant pumpkins that are perfect for carving or decorating. More Pumpkin Specials Inside!

2 lb. Bag Organic Lemons & 3 lb. Bag Organic Gala Apples With a bright, citrus flavor, lemons are a great way to add natural flavor to water. Apples are juicy and rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber – the perfect fruit to take on-the-go.

Hass Avocados Avocados are an excellent source of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Thanks to their creamy texture, they’re great as spreads, in dressings, or as a filling snack. Must buy 5, or $1.29 each.

Organic Red, Black, & Green Seedless Grapes Grapes are rich in a compound called polyphenols, an antioxidant that gives grapes their vibrant color and helps protect our bodies from disease and environmental damage.

4/ $ 10 SAVE $5.96 on 4

$ 3 99/lb. SAVE $2/lb.

$ 3 99/lb. SAVE $2.50/lb.

$ 9 99/lb. SAVE $4/lb.

Grass Fed Ground Sirloin or Round Grass-fed meat is high in healthy Omega-3s and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, benefitting your heart health. Our grass-fed beef comes from 100% non-GMO grass pastures where it was never administered antibiotics or growth hormones.

USDA Choice or Better Sirloin Tip Roast Our genetically verified angus sirloin is traceable from farm to fork and is 3rd Party Certified Humanely Handled. Fed a 100% vegetarian diet, our sirloin has never been administered antibiotics or growth hormones.

Key West Pink Shrimp 26-30 Count Sustainability is key with our traceable shrimp caught with turtle-safe nets with no water additives or preservatives for the Cleanest shrimp. Previously frozen.

Maryland Crab Cakes 3 oz. Made with 100% traceable and sustainably sourced crab meat, these crab cakes are an easy way to impress guests.


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