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PARTY ANIMALS HowMy Wife and I Met and Reconnected 15 Years Later

More than two decades ago and out of the blue, I called up a girl I had dated 15 years prior. I wasn’t even sure if she would remember me. When she picked up the phone, I asked her, “Do you know who this is?”

closer to me and my daughters. We were married in April 1999, and we have had a wonderful two decades together, making up for lost time. And now our eldest, Amanda, is living with us until her wedding in January

Marilyn responded, “Hi, Chuck, of course I know who this is.”

We originally met in 1979, when I was in the Army and shooting missiles at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. A couple of classmates of mine from West Point and I shared a bachelor pad where we would throw legendary parties, usually complete with a theme for an upcoming holiday or based on a movie. On Saturday night we would have friends, and friends of friends, crowd into our small home, crank the music up at 9 p.m., and have a great time until early in the morning. We invited our neighbors, too, so they couldn’t claim they never got an invite. The following day was our “recovery party,” where we would invite close friends to enjoy a few beers and Sunday football. It was during a recovery party that I met Marilyn. She joined our Sunday party upon the invite of a friend, and, if I recall, she didn’t even want to come over that particular day. We got to know each other at various events, and, ultimately, we started dating. About a year into our relationship, we hit a crossroads. Marilyn, who was working at a local hospital at the time, was offered an opportunity to tour the world and train doctors on Siemens Medical’s latest technology, the CAT scan. It was an incredible opportunity, so we split ways. Marilyn moved her home base farther east before jetting off across the world. Meanwhile, I went to dental school and began my practice in the Washington, D.C., area.

2020. And, of course, you know her younger sister, Sydney, has her two baby daughters, so we are enjoying grandparenthood. Life is great.

Today, Marilyn enjoys retired life by taking care of our three dogs and 14 chickens. She keeps me grounded and reminds me to maintain focus. She’s a

ferocious reader who is a perfect intellectual match with me. Whenever anything in the house is broken, she straps on her engineering hat and fixes it. Her dad taught her a lot of skills that I never learned, and when that’s combined with her love for shows on HGTV, she’s an unstoppable force in our home. To top it all off, we still enjoy a great party. We even designed our house so we could host parties! I suppose it was only natural given how we met and the 20-year celebration we’ve had since reconnecting.

Fast forward to the mid-’90s, and I decided to pick up the phone again. After 15 years, it was as if we hadn’t skipped a beat.

Quite frankly, I can’t imagine living life without Marilyn.

After a year of long-distance dating, Marilyn took the plunge and moved

– H. Charles Jelinek, Jr., DDS


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