Trouble Walking Caused By Plantar Fasciitis?

Here’s the test… Sit down in a comfortable chair. Cross the leg of the involved foot over the opposite knee. With either thumb, press firmly on the bottom of the involved heel, towards the arch of the foot. If you find that this spot is tender and painful to you pressing on it, then most likely you have Plantar fasciitis. Now…using the hand on your affected side, take hold of your affected foot and pull your toes back towards the shin. This creates tension/stretch in the arch of the foot/Plantar fascia. Repeat on the other side for comparison. If this step feels so much tighter on the affected side, then you most likely have Plantar fasciitis. Now you may be asking… can Plantar fasciitis heal and pain subside without medications, injections, or surgery? In most cases, yes…but it depends on but not limited to the following factors: • Length of time you’ve been suffering. • Things you’re doing that are making the condition worse without you knowing it. • Degree of swelling and tightness of the Plantar fascia.

FREE Plantar Fasciitis Check-Up Event Monday December 12 and Tuesday December 13, 2016 Due to popular request from patients, and to get our NW Indiana neighbors ready for the busy holiday season, Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists will host a FREE Plantar Fasciitis Check-Up Event on the following dates and locations: Monday December 12, 2016 at our Valparaiso office (3125 Calumet Ave., Suite 8- next to the YMCA) Tuesday December 13, 2016 at our Crown Point office (11055 Broadway, Suite B-south of Tech Credit Union in the On Broadway complex) During the event, each attendee will receive: 1. One on one FREE consultation time with one of our world class physical therapists. 2. You will discover tips on how to: • Stretch the pain away from your Plantar fasciitis

• Correct the cause of your pain and speed up the healing process • Find out what you’re doing that’s making your condition worse This event is limited to 24 spots only. To hold your spot, please call 219-202-2500 in Valpo or 219-203-3100 in Crown Point. Sincerely,

Arlan Alburo Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists PS-Call 219-202-2500 or 219-203-3100 to hold your spot for the FREE Plantar Fasciitis Check-Up Event on Monday December 12 and Tuesday December 13, 2016. PPS- Limited to 24 spots only at each location.

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