2022 Hamel Rodeo Program

Thank you for attending the 41st ANNUAL HAMEL RODEO! We would like to take this opportunity and let you know just how much it means to this community when you join us for the rodeo. WHO PUTS ON THE HAMEL RODEO? The Hamel Rodeo is a non-profit fundraiser organized and managed by volunteers. We have no paid staff in order to maximize the financial benefit to our community. When you buy a ticket you are witnessing top notch Pro Rodeo action AND your money goes right back into the town. WHO GETS THE PROCEEDS THE RODEO GENERATES? All proceeds are distributed to five local civic organizations: Hamel Lions, Hamel Volunteer Fire Department, Heinzen-Ditter VFW Post, John Pohlker American Legion Post and the Lord of Life Military Family Support Ministry. Since the 1st Annual Hamel Rodeo back in 1981, over $2.5 million has been distributed in cash to these organizations for them to use as they see fit in community service. Along with the direct benefit to these organizations, we dedicate funds to improving the grounds for a memorable fan experience and a safe environment for our animal athletes. WHAT’S IT COST TO PUT ON THE HAMEL RODEO? This year it will cost over $350,000 to produce the rodeo. We make it a priority to utilize local businesses and sponsors for as many of our needs as possible. The Hamel Rodeo is the largest in the state of Minnesota on the basis of both total added money and total payoff. This year, the contestants will take home over $125,000 to show for their efforts. The winner of the Bull Ridin’ Bonanza can make as much as $6,500 for 8 seconds of work. Below you can see how we compare to other local rodeos.


Month Total Payout

Hamel Rodeo & Bull Ridin’ Bonanza (PRCA) July


Granite Falls (PRCA)

June $63,949.00 April $47,768.00

MN Horse Expo (’22) (PRCA)

Isanti (PRCA) Buffalo (PRCA)



June $32,054.00

WHY DO WE PUT SO MUCH EFFORT INTO THE RODEO? Our mission is to raise funds for these civic groups and spotlight our community by providing good, clean, family entertainment year after year. Fun Fact: The rodeo is what put Hamel on the map! WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMALS? In the world of professional rodeo, we are deeply committed to the proper care and treatment of our animals. The PRCA began establishing rules back in 1947 to ensure livestock receives the care in which they deserve. True cowboys and cowgirls understand just how precious these animal athletes are. The livestock you see at rodeos are just as naturally competitive as our contestants. They love what they do and have more downtime grazing in pastures than performing. When animals are handled properly and given good care they actually lead a life more pleasant than most animals used for other purposes. Take a look at the large pasture on the NE corner of the rodeo grounds where the livestock roam freely prior to and immediately after each performance. No barbed wire fences, full tanks of fresh water, and ample feed. Our committee demands that rodeo judges strictly enforce the many rules prohibiting mistreatment of livestock by anyone. Any violations at rodeos result in immediate disqualification from competition and heavy fines from the PRCA. This is very seldom necessary as cowboys and cowgirls respect rodeo animals and treat them accordingly.


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